Porn Sunday: Christians nationwide address the problem of porn from the pulpit

WAVERLY — Sex. A three-letter word not easily uttered from the pulpit. Porn. A four-letter word sure to make pew-sitters blush. Yet this Sunday, hundreds churches across the nation will take part in a bold initiative to address what pastors call a serious epidemic in society as well as the church. Porn Sunday, the brainchild of California pastors Craig Gross and Mike Foster, intends to bring awareness to the problem of pornography. Several churches in Waverly, Shell Rock, Janesville and Clarksville are participating. An edgy Christian organization that reaches out to porn addicts and porn workers,, offered discussion materials.

Pastors fight porn irreverently

Craig Gross and Mike Foster, two young pastors from Riverside, were looking for direction when, one day in 2001, God came to Foster in the shower and said one word: “Pornography.” Foster, 33, did not often get such visits, so he treated it as a divine calling. Since it came with no further instructions, he and Gross reasoned that it was up to them to figure out what to do next. And so it came to be that on a Sunday afternoon three years later, Gross, 28, and Foster were tooling around a mall parking lot in a black Scion

The Christian Porn Website – A Special Report

(Special Investigative Report, May 20th, 2004, 7:23 a.m.) Millions of people spend hours each day on Internet porn websites. Some racy, some dangerous, and some are downright illegal. But if you search for these sites, you’ll find one that holds a real surprise. It’s a XXX Christian website. Your NewsChannel 3’s Rick Holmes tells us more in this story. If you type “XXX” into your favorite search engine, you’ll find 111 million websites ready to bring anyone, any age, any fantasy. But we found one website,, that is unlike any other. It’s the #1 Christian Porn Site. By now,