Pastor/Authors of ‘Jesus Loves You’ Start Movement on Twitter

Jesus Loves You Two pastors have launched a movement to renew the meaning of the phrase, ‘Jesus Loves You.’ They have already hit the road in a book tour to show that Jesus loves Gays, Porn Stars and Crooks.

Pastors Craig Gross and Jason Harper aim to refresh the phrase “Jesus loves you,” which to many has become an overstated Christian cliche, in their new book ‘Jesus Loves You €¦ This I Know.’

Exxxotica gets taste of religion

Thousands of attendees at this weekend’s Exxxotica in Miami Beach, the largest adult-entertainment event on the East Coast, would go home to find, deep inside their goodie bag, a sizable chunk of the New Testament under the title “Jesus loves porn stars.”

The preacher and the porn star to debate

Rev. Craig Gross, a former youth pastor and founder of, will bring his anti-porn crusade to Chicago on Monday at the Lakeshore Theater when he takes the stage opposite longtime porn star Ron Jeremy for “The Great Porn Debate.” On tour together for the last few years, Gross promotes his ministry while Jeremy defends his industry, which he says has been unfairly targeted for years by the Christian right as shameful.

Depraved and saved

The co-founder of, a site which bills itself as the nation’s No. 1 Christian porn site, acts as a missionary to the adult picture industry and as a roving evangelist — encouraging churches to talk about what he views as the perils of pornography.

Does ‘Jesus Loves Porn Stars’ Bible Go Too Far?

Pastor Craig Gross’ Anti-Porn Ministry Takes an Unconventional Approach June 25, 2006 � – Christians agree that the Bible commands them to “go and make disciples of all nations” and that Jesus “came to invite the sinners” to be his followers and “save people who are lost.” But a new Bible with the words “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” emblazoned on the cover has ignited a debate about how far is too far when it comes to spreading the word. This weekend at the erotica convention in Los Angeles, Pastor Craig Gross, who runs an anti-pornography ministry, handed out hundreds of

Bible Society Turns Down Bible Printing Request

(AP) CORONA, Calif. Two Corona pastors who minister to the adult film industry have hit a roadblock in their crusade. Their publishing company is refusing to print bibles with the brand “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” emblazoned on the cover. Pastors Mike Foster and Craig Gross are the founders of the anti-porn Internet ministry They hand out copies of the New Testament at adult film conventions. They thought putting an edgy cover on the bibles could get them attention and increase their distribution. So they paid the American Bible Society (ABS) to print 10,000 copies of the Scriptures. But the