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Church, ex-member battle over discipline

For the leaders of Watermark Community Church, church discipline is simply loving like Jesus. But for many people, the notion of churchgoers publicly denouncing one another’s sins raises fearful images of The Scarlet Letter and Pilgrims in stocks. An appeals court in Dallas is now being asked to decide where the right of Watermark – or any church – to confront sin ends and an individual’s right to privacy begins. Can a church pursue someone who isn’t even a member? Watermark, a fast-growing nondenominational church in northeast Dallas, says the case involves accusations of adultery, a wife who wanted to

Pair fights church on sharing confessions

Exclusive: Watermark says telling others of sins is in bylaws Does a church have the right to publicly reveal a person’s private sins? A Dallas court is being asked to decide whether Watermark Community Church can do exactly that to a man and a woman identified in court records as “John Doe” and “Jane Roe.” Their attorney says that the pair thought they had revealed their sins to Watermark’s pastor confidentially and that their behavior should not be made public. Church officials say they are only following a process of church discipline outlined in the Gospel of Matthew and written