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Growing menace of Voodoo

In a West London council flat, an African witch doctor gives a blood-curdling account of the ritual slaughter of a child and reveals the growing menace in Britain of Voodoo My contact had told me to wait outside Queen’s Park Underground station in West London at a specific time. After a few minutes scrutinising the faces of the hurrying crowds, a shabbily dressed young man with excessive facial hair and clutching a large, overstuffed bag shuffled towards me and introduced himself as Anthony. He was eager for us to set off, so little was said as he quickly led the

Jail term cut in voodoo death appeal

AMSTERDAM — A 24-year-old woman was sentenced on Wednesday in the Leeuwarden Appeals Court to 18 months jail for assaulting a five-year-old girl during a voodoo-like ritual. Intended to rid the victim of the devil, the ritual killed the girl. The Groningen woman, identified as D. P., had previously been sentenced to a three-year jail term, a news report said. The girl died in April 2002 after a so-called brua-ritual, a variant of voodoo which is practiced in the Netherlands Antilles. P and the victim’s mother were convinced the child had been possessed by the devil and the ritual

Haiti Voodoo Pilgrimage Draws Thousands

Associated Press, July 26, 2003 MICHAEL NORTON, Associated Press PLAINE DU NORD, Haiti – Carrying candles and a heavy spiritual debt, Josephine Derulien walked for 17 hours to reach this small farming town, swollen by thousands of people during an annual four-day pilgrimage. The pilgrimage, one of the most important in the Voodoo religion, began Wednesday with rituals to Ogou, the god of war, and ended Saturday with rites to the goddess of love, Erzuli. This year’s crowd of more than 10,000 was half the turnout of last year. “I swore I would make this pilgrimage,” said Derulien, 30,

Voodoo a religion in Haiti

DPA, Apr. 8, 2003   Port-AU-Prince – The government of Haiti has recognised Voodoo as a religion, President Jean-Bertrand Aristede announced Monday in celebration of a Haitian independence fighter. Aristede, in commemorating the 200th death day of national hero Toussaint L’Ouverture, paid tribute to the leader of African slaves who rebelled against the French colonial government. In 1802, he was taken to France, where he died in prison in 1803. Later that year, rebels overthrew Napoleon’s troops and declared independence early in 1804, the first Latin American and Caribbean country to do so. Voodoo is practiced by three quarters

Minnesotan gets three years in voodoo killing

Associated Press, Feb. 23, 2003 SUPERIOR, WIS. — A Minnesota man has been sentenced to three years in prison under a plea agreement for acting as an accomplice in the 1997 voodoo ritual killing of his uncle, a Minneapolis pharmacist and self-proclaimed voodoo high priest. “I have never experienced a sentencing in which both a sister and daughter of the victim urged the imposition of a lenient sentence,” Judge Michael Lucci said in Douglas County Circuit Court Friday. Brent A. Thompson, 29, of Kimball, Minn., admitted to driving victim Mark Foster, 45, and the convicted shooter, Gregory Friesner, 29,

Bad taste: Voodoo fashion for teens

Sunday Mail (Australia), Dec. 2, 2002 By Education Reporter NHADA GOODFELLOW A voodoo doll for teenage girls – sold with pins and “malicious” spells – has caused outrage among school teachers and principals. The product, which has with it a set of instruction cards and 17 pins, has already been deemed “inappropriate” and confiscated from students at one of Adelaide’s most prestigious girls’ schools. The $14.95 green doll packages – available from fashion retailer Sportsgirl – encourage buyers to cast spells on people they dislike. As well as pins, the package includes spells such as how to ruin a

Voodoo a Legitimate Religion, Anthropologist Says

National Geographic News, Oct. 21, 2002 Brian Handwerk Voodoo is widely regarded as a mysterious and sinister practice that’s taboo in many cultures. The mere word conjures images of bloody animal sacrifices, evil zombies, dolls stuck with pins, and dancers gyrating through the hot night to the rhythm of drums. But experts on voodoo beliefs say there are many misconceptions about the practice, which is performed in various forms worldwide. “Voodoo is not some kind of dark mystical force, it is simply a legitimate religion,” says anthropologist Wade Davis, a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence who has studied voodoo extensively in

NLRB charges nursing home that alleged use of voodoo

Associated Press, August 9, 2002 MIAMI — A nursing home that accused union organizers of using voodoo tactics has been accused by federal officials of mistreating workers. The National Labor Relations Board said it found evidence of illegal surveillance, threats and firings at Mount Sinai-St. Francis Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in suburban Miami Shores. The NLRB granted workers a Nov. 12 hearing before a labor judge. After the Service Employees International Union won an organizing election Feb. 28, nursing home management accused organizers of using voodoo tactics to scare workers, many of whom are of Haitian descent, into voting

Voodoo grandmother accused of triple killing in insurance fraud trial

Daily Telegraph (England), Aug. 4, 2002 By Charles Laurence in New York (Filed: 04/08/2002) It is not the normal dry stuff of an insurance fraud court case. Allegations of voodoo charms, siren sex appeal and a string of killings staged to collect life insurance benefits were spelled out to a jury last week as a 55-year-old grandmother in a neat tan suit was led handcuffed into a court in Greenbelt, Maryland. Josephine Gray had lived a double life for years before she was arrested early this year, said the prosecutor, the US Assistant Attorney Sandra Wilkinson. The people of

Activists plan campaign against voodoo tricksters

Express News Service, July 24, 2002 Mumbai, July 24: ANTI-SUPERSTITION groups in the city on Wednesday cited the poor conviction rate in criminal cases against voodoo practioners as the chief reason for the mushrooming of the Baba Bangali cult in Mumbai. Shyam Manav, national convenor of the All India Anti Superstition Committee, which has been active in the state for the last 20 years, said: ‘‘Over the years, we have exposed more than 100 such fake spiritual gurus and so-called black magic practitioners. But due to lack of substantial legal evidence, the police could manage to get convictions against