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Peace, love and bread

From hippies to multimillionaire bakers, Andrew Fraser tracks the rise and rise of the men behind Bakers Delight and Brumby’s Thirty years ago today two young idealistic hippies, who were members of a yoga cult, started baking bread at a small shop in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. The purpose of the bakery was to fund an alternative school at St Kilda on Melbourne’s bayside run by the leader of their cult – India-born yoga teacher and guru Vijayadev Yogendra. The bakery and the school proved a huge success, so much so that the two bakers of 1975, Roger Gillespie and Michael

The guru, his wife and the followers

He intimated that he could cure cancer, but died of it. He denounced material wealth but was worth millions. He counselled Melbourne’s elite and helped the poor. Peter Ellingsen unravels the mystery of Vijayadev Yogendra. The summer sun would have been streaming in the window of her luxurious Port Douglas home when former party girl Kate Ellis systematically tagged her personal possessions, and scribbled her upbeat suicide note. “Please don’t be sad,” she wrote to her cousin, Leanne Stratford. “This is something I have willingly and intentionally done. I am not depressed or disturbed in any way.” Ellis, 41, bright