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The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) was established in Brazil as the Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus.

Theologically it is considered to be a cult of Christianity

Universal Church of the Kingfom of God: Pay the Lord!

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God has no visible doctrine or moral message and is almost silent on the Bible, but it believes passionately in generous “sacrifices” to the sect by its followers. And in daily advertisements on television, it offers neither spiritual enlightenment nor salvation. The central message — achieving financial success and freedom from debt — is reinforced with testimonials from the church’s allegedly satisfied customers.

Praise the lord: you give and he saves . . .

In leaflets pushed through household doors by the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, you’re invited to tick a number of boxes to see if you are “cursed” – boxes that declare “My life is a cycle of ups and downs” and “At times I feel I’m losing control of my life.” According to UCKG, if you’re cursed you’d better seek help for it. I arrived early for the event in Phibsboro. As soon as I walked in, I was accosted by a young woman who asked me if I was “new”. I was brought to the front of

The ‘cure-all’ church wants you and 10pc of your cash

Wanted: lost souls who believe their misfortune is caused by a curse. Must be prepared to hand over 10pc of their earnings to a religious charity. This is the basic premise of a church which is offering to help cure ills in your work, love and financial life. The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) describes itself as a charity and ‘spiritual centre’. It has been operating in Ireland for three years and has just launched an aggressive recruitment drive to increase its membership. UCKG is posting leaflets to households and has taken out newspaper ads. Based in

Judge Kakusa Allows Universal Church to Resume Activities

LUSAKA – High Court judge Tamula Kakusa yesterday allowed the banned Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) to resume their church activities. Judge Kakusa passed the ruling allowing UCKG to apply for judicial review over government’s decision to deregister them for their alleged Satanism practices. UCKG pastors Carlos Barcelos and Jamir Craveiro have sued the Attorney General George Kunda seeking judicial review into government’s decision to deregister them. Judge Kakusa said the application for judicial review would also act as a stay against their deregistration until the full determination of the case. “This means that this will operate

Cultist church under scrutiny

A Brazilian originated church that has branches in Swaziland is being investigated for allegations of satanic worship and child sacrifice in neighbouring South Africa. The church was also expelled from Zambia amidst rumours of a planned child sacrifice. It was also said that the church solicited blood from its members. Though it professes to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, it has been widely accused of practicing cults, promising to transform the lives of people from rags to riches. Madagascar banned the church in February this year and jailed four senior officials for the burning of bibles. So established is

Zambian ‘satanic’ church up in arms

LUSAKA – An evangelical church that was banned in Zambia last week for allegedly practising satanism, including human sacrifice, has decided to challenge that decision in court, an official has said. The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG), a sect originating in Brazil, is asking the the country’s high court to quash the government’s ban on the grounds that it was imposed unfairly, a court clerk said. “The church has filed papers for judicial review over the decision of government to ban its operation claiming that the rule of natural justice was not followed,” the clerk said. He

Zambia bans operations of church linked to satanism

LUSAKA – Zambia on Tuesday banned a controversial evangelical church facing allegations of practising satanism and human sacrifice and the target of violent attacks over the weekend. The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, a sect originating in Brazil, has been barred from operating in Zambia following allegations that it was involved in human sacrifice, home affairs secretary Peter Mumba told reporters. “The government has decided to suspend the church operations in Zambia with immediate effect,” Mumba said. “The decision has been precipitated to allow for investigations into the allegations, which we consider very serious,” Mumba said. Thousands of

Bishop Mambo dares Govt over Universal Church

Lusaka, Nov 27, ZANIS – Church of God Immediate Past Regional Superintendent for Central Africa Bishop John Mambo has challenged Government and Church mother bodies in the country to seriously scrutinise the doctrines of the embattled Universal Church of the Kingdom of God – UCKG. Bishop Mambo who was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today advised that it is time fears and speculations of Satanism acts of the same church were brought to an end. Bishop Mambo said what happened yesterday was just a warning of serious things to come saying Government was aware that there were

Satanism claims lead to riot

Lusaka – Fourteen Zambians were arrested after riots and vandalism in the capital Lusaka following allegations that a Pentecostal church was practising Satanism and human sacrifice, police said on Sunday. The rioting and damage to property started on Saturday afternoon and went on through the night, police spokesperson Chrispin Kapela said. “We have arrested and detained 14 people while the pastors and leaders of the church are in our custody for protection because people want to kill them,” Kapela said. Thousands of people went on the rampage, smashing the windows of the church and stoning vehicles in downtown Lusaka after