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Germany: Twelve Tribes fundamentalist Christian group gets school of their own

A group of fundamentalist Christians in Bavaria has won a long battle for the right to privately teach their children — without sex ed and lessons on evolution. Bavarian officials are calling it an “emergency solution.” Homeschooling is illegal in Germany, and yet the members of the fundamentalist Christian sect “Zwölf Stämme” (Twelve Tribes) have won a victory of sorts in their fight to educate their children outside of Germany’s state school system. Bavarian officials have agreed to let the group’s 32 school-aged children be taught by their own teachers in a private school — albeit one that is subject

What is the Twelve Tribes?

The Twelve Tribes was started in 1973 as one of several communal groups sprung from the so-called Jesus Movement in the 1960s and 1970s. But, while other groups have long since disbanded, the Twelve Tribes has endured for more than 30 years. Members adhere to a Judeo-Christian belief system, based on both Old and New Testament writings. They believe the God of Abraham is the Creator, and that Yahshua , or Jesus, is God’s son and the Messiah. They say Yahshua died for the sins of mankind and will return to earth when the human race is ready to receive

Twelve Tribes opens its Plymouth home to curious neighbors

A festival of peace PLYMOUTH — The imposing cedar-shingled house, set on a steep hill overlooking Plymouth Bay, has been a source of curiosity for many who have passed 33 Warren Ave. since the Twelve Tribes bought the former nursing home seven years ago. What is the Twelve Tribes? Most passersby wonder, as they gaze up at the sprawling building framed by a spacious veranda and crowned with a widow’s walk, just what goes on there. But few have had occasion to turn into the driveway or walk up the hill to greet the community that lives in the house.

Twelve Tribes: Religious group in psychedelic buses captures city’s curiosity

NEWBURYPORT, Mass. — The city is used to summer visitors, but the three buses that rolled into downtown Wednesday drew more attention than most. The lead vehicle — a small bus with a psychedelic paint job adorned with the symbols of the ’60s counterculture — pulled up in front of the tourist information booth on Merrimac Street early in the afternoon and was quickly joined by a pair of larger buses, 1955 Scenics lovingly reconstructed and customized with handmade wood paneling. Just as curious as the vehicles were the people who poured out of them. The men had long beards

Twelve Tribes: Travelin’ salvation show

Members of the Merrymakers Caravan bring their message of God by bus to Kennedy Plaza. PROVIDENCE — In lots of ways, they looked like veterans of the Jesus and the hippie movement of the 1960s. What other way was there to view 30 pilgrims, some with babies, who rolled into town yesterday in three buses, one of them bedecked with brightly painted flowers and on the back, a painting of Jesus. But for these members of a religious sect that calls itself the Twelve Tribes, known also as the Merrymakers Caravan, the visit to Kennedy Plaza was no lark. With

Twelve Tribes: Chattanooga Yellow Deli Reunion Draws Crowd

A reunion held Easter Sunday for former employees and patrons of the Yellow Deli drew a sizeable crowd. The event, which occurred in the shadow of one of the restaurant’s original Chattanooga locations, offered food, fellowship and a glimpse into what the future might hold for the one-time area dining fixture. “Coming back to Chattanooga is an opportunity for people to see who we are and what we turned out to be,” said Gene Spriggs, who founded the original Yellow Deli with his wife Marsha in 1973. “This is where it all started for us.” Mr. Spriggs, who is a

Twelve Tribes members buy building in Oneonta

Two members of the Twelve Tribes religious group who came to Oneonta late last year have bought other property in the city. Robert and Jill Racine bought a building at 81 Chestnut St. for about $400,000, according to the Otsego County Real Property Tax Service Office. The sale closed Feb. 10, a clerk at the office said Wednesday. The Racines and two other Twelve Tribes members bought other property in Oneonta at the end of 2005. The Racines and Kenneth and Karen Hart, of Massachusetts, bought the former Freddy’s bar at 134 Main St., as well as the former Oneonta