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Amdi requests lawyer

The Copenhangen Post (Denmark), Sep. 15, 2002 Mogens Amdi Pedersen has requested the appointment of another defence lawyer in his forthcoming trial for tax evasion and embezzlement in connection with the Tvind run foundation. The prosecution have asked to comment his request before the judge makes a decision, reveals deputy public prosecutor Poul Gade. The announcement supposedly means that the prosecution will object to the Treasury funding another lawyer for Amdi, in addition to Anders Boelskifte. The objection comes despite the High Court already appointing two lawyers to represent spokesman Poul Jørgensen, who is also charged in the Tvind

Amdi can handle jail claim

The Copenhagen Post (Denmark), Aug. 30, 2002 In a new book detailing his own experiences throughout 18 years in the Tvind (Humana) organisation, former Tvind teacher Hans la Cour has rejected rumours that controversial Tvind-leader Mogens Amdi Pedersen has significantly aged or weakened as a result of his incarceration in the United States, whilst awaiting extradition to Denmark. According to la Cour, the Tvind leader is tough enough to handle a prison sentence, and the organisation will continue to function intact even if he and other top-ranking Tvind personnel are forced to spend time behind bars after the trial

Clothing donors duped

The Copenhagen Post (Denmark), Aug. 30, 2002 For over a decade, the controversial Tvind charity has promised that proceeds from sales of donated clothing are re-invested in the Third World. Profits are in fact re-routed to secret Tvind companies. Under the guise of Third World aid, controversial educational charity Tvind has spent the last decade promising donors of used clothing throughout this country and the rest of Europe that their contribution is being used to benefit the poorest populations in the world. But a report by daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende last Sunday found evidence to the contrary. Sources close

Legal details keep Danish fugitive in United States for now

AP, Aug. 22, 2002 LOS ANGELES – A Danish man arrested in February for allegedly embezzling millions of dollars through a humanitarian foundation will remain in the United States while legal paperwork is finished. Mogens Amdi Petersen, 63, agreed to extradition because he wanted to face his critics in Denmark and because of ongoing health problems, said Petersen’s attorney, Robert Shapiro. But Shapiro said Petersen must wait for a U.S. State Department “warrant of surrender” to be issued before the extradition can go forward. He did not know how long that would be. Danish authorities accuse Petersen of funneling

Dane sought in embezzlement and tax fraud is ready to come home, authorities say

AP, Aug. 22, 2002 Thu Aug 22, 4:40 AM ET COPENHAGEN, Denmark – A Danish man wanted for tax fraud and embezzling from a humanitarian organization has agreed to be extradited from the United States to Denmark, authorities said Tuesday. Mogens Amdi Petersen, 63, who founded the Tvind organization in 1970 but disappeared from Denmark amid allegations of fraud in 1979, had been detained without bail in Los Angeles since February pending an extradition trial. “We can confirm that he himself has requested to come home now,” said police chief Jens Kaasgaard, who has been heading the Danish investigations.

Tvind: Mission Control

In 1970, a group of Danish hippies set out on a mission to save the world. Thirty years later, some of the young acolytes they recruited claim the group has become a cult, amassing riches in the hundreds of millions of dollars under the direction of an elusive and mysterious founder. Now, with recruiting efforts reaching into the United States, ex-members say the mission is no longer to save the world but to conquer it. North American headquarters? Massachusetts.