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RNB file: Ole Anthony

The Dallas Observer, an alternative news weekly owned by Village Voice Media has published a lengthy article about Ole Anthony, the Dallas-based preacher known for exposing the shenanigans of televangelists. But while media coverage of Anthony and his Trinity Foundation tends to be positive, The Dallas Observer says, “Ole Anthony anointed himself the watchdog of America’s televangelists. But who was watching Ole Anthony?” Village Voice Media introduces the article as follows: Dallas preacher Ole Anthony has carved out a comfortable niche in the world of Christian evangelism. He’s the watchdog, the truth-telling tough guy willing to point the finger at

Ole Anthony on a mission to root out false prophets

The Abuses of Televangelism Man on a mission to root out false prophets DALLAS — For as long as anybody can remember, spiritual con-artists have ripped off the faithful, preying on the sick, the elderly, the lonely and the desperate. They offer miraculous cures. They promise financial windfalls. They live in oceanside mansions and fly in private jets — and pay their multi-million-dollar mortgages with nickels and dimes sent by devout Social Security recipients. It’s the ugly side of evangelical Christianity. The government is loath to monitor the abuse because of first-amendment concerns. Many religious groups are unwilling to intervene.

Onward Christian Soldier

Ole Anthony Has Devoted His Life–and His Ministry–to Exposing Corrupt Televangelists. But Not Everyone Agrees He’s Doing God’s Work. Gazing down at the frail man in his bed, you think: there’s no way this can be Ole E. Anthony, scourge of the some of the world’s richest and most powerful televangelists, a man so despised that preachers have labeled him ”Ole Antichrist.” The 64-year-old doesn’t look like much of a threat to anyone. The lingering effects of a near-fatal electrocution 23 years ago have left him severely disabled and in crippling pain generated from thousands of burned nerve endings. Right