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Christian TV empire savors a tax blessing

Trinity gets ‘church’ status, a refund HENDERSONVILLE — A ruling that means Sumner County and the city must refund the theme park-like Trinity Broadcasting Network complex here more than $300,000 in taxes ends an 11-year skirmish and gives the colorful owners much of what they’ve wanted — status as a church. Under an administrative judge’s decision approved by a state commission last month, televangelists Paul and Jan Crouch have the state’s blessing to stop paying property taxes on their auditorium. It is familiar to millions of TBN viewers worldwide as one location of the Praise the Lord show, a glitz-filled

Trinity Broadcasting has wealth and critics

The wealth of Trinity Broadcasting Network has raised eyebrows and added to criticism about its operation. The most recently available IRS form shows TBN took in more than $184.3 million in 2003. After expenses, that left $71.1 million unspent, on top of at least $311.6 million invested in securities. Paul F. Crouch Sr.’s pay was $408,562 as president and his wife Jan $361,000 as a vice president. Wall Watchers, a Christian nonprofit group that monitors Christian organizations, says TBN is “hoarding too much cash” and is not open about its finances. TBN has many different companies and doesn’t make a