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McVeigh predicted conspiracy claims

Timothy J. McVeigh denied a widespread conspiracy was behind the Oklahoma City bombing, as a recent report alleges. Timothy J. McVeigh went to his grave in June 2001 insisting that no widespread conspiracy was behind the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, but also predicting that some people would continue to believe that a larger conspiracy existed. “For those die-hard conspiracy theorists who will refuse to believe this, I turn the tables and say: Show me where I needed anyone else,” McVeigh wrote in a letter to The Buffalo News a few weeks before his execution. “Financing? Logistics? Specialized tech skills? .

McVeigh lawyer: bomber might have had foreign connections

Stephen Jones, a lawyer from Enid, Okla. who represented Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, implied that McVeigh waived his right to appeal his execution in order to protect what Jones called “foreign influences.” “Timothy McVeigh believed that the United States government had done a great harm. He believed it so much that he was willing to die for it. He was willing others to die for it,” said Jones, who spoke Tuesday night in Forum Hall. Jones said McVeigh was enraged by actions undertaken by the government at Waco, Texas, with the Branch Davidians. “The government committed a terrible crime