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Cult members sentenced to 90 days in jail, probation in faith healing case

Timothy and Rebecca Wyland An Oregon City couple who treated their infant daughter with faith healing rather than take her to a doctor were sentenced today in Clackamas County circuit court to 90 days in jail and three years probation.

The Wylands are members of the Followers of Christ Church, theologically a cult of Christianity, whose extreme faith healing beliefs and practices have left a trail of dead children in its wake.

Timothy, Rebecca Wyland guilty of criminal mistreatment in faith-healing trial

Timothy and Rebecca Wyland A jury spent one hour deliberating Tuesday before unanimously finding an Oregon City couple guilty of felony criminal mistreatment for treating their infant daughter with faith-healing rather than taking her to a doctor.

The Wylands face up to five years in prison but are likely to receive probation and possibly some time in jail. They will be sentenced June 24.

Defense rests in faith-healing trial

Timothy and Rebecca Wyland The defense rested today in the faith-healing trial of Timothy and Rebecca Wyland after bringing a doctor to the stand who praised the Wylands’ compliance with court-ordered medical care for their infant daughter, Alayna.

The Wylands belong to the Followers of Christ church, which embraces faith healing and rejects medical care.

Family members defend faith-healing couple

faith healing Family members of a faith-healing couple accused of neglecting their baby girl’s medical needs defended them in court Thursday.

The Wylands are charged with first-degree criminal mistreatment for failing to provide medical care to Alayna, now 17 months old. State child-welfare workers took custody of the girl in July to treat the growth, called a hemangioma, that covered her left eye and spread into her eye socket. Doctors testified that the expanding mass was threatening her eyesight.

‘Permanent damage’ feared for daughter of faith healing parents

Timothy and Rebecca Wyland As the trial of two cult members accused of medical neglect of their daughter continues, a doctor testified the girl has permanent developmental damage to her eye and may require surgery.

Defense attorneys in turn argued that the parents are the victims of both religious discrimination and an overly aggressive bureaucracy that snatched heir daughter.

The Followers of Christ Church has left a trail of dead children in its wake.

Faith healing trial brings Followers of Christ church back into the spotlight

Timothy and Rebecca Wyland Jury selection for two more members of the Followers of Christ Church is set to begin Tuesday, a day after the Oregon Senate passed a bill to crack down on faith-healing parents who don’t take their children to the doctor.

Tim and Rebecca Wyland are the third set of parents who belong to the Oregon City church who will stand trial for not getting their child medical attention.

Faith-healing parents win extended in-home visits with ailing daughter

Timothy and Rebecca Wyland The couple facing criminal charges for failing to provide adequate medical care to their infant daughter will be allowed extended visits at least five days a week with their child, who will remain in temporary state custody.

The Wylands are one of four couples from the same Oregon City congregation to be charged with failing to provide medical care to their child in a little more than a year. Members of the Followers of Christ Church rely on faith-healing rather than most forms of medical treatment.