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Sect founder Robidoux dies

ATTLEBORO — Roland Robidoux, the founder of a local religious cult whose beliefs led to the starvation death of his grandson, has died, apparently after a lengthy illness, authorities said Wednesday. Police were called to the group’s home at 196-198 Knight Ave. late Tuesday afternoon where Robidoux, 65, was found dead, police Capt. David Proia said. Family members called police about 4:15 p.m. to report the death about an hour after Robidoux died, police said. His body was taken to the state Medical Examiner’s Office, but it was undetermined Wednesday whether an autopsy would be performed. It is unclear what

New trial denied

ATTLEBORO — Jacques Robidoux, the Attleboro religious cult father who now claims he was brainwashed when he starved his almost 1-year-old son to death in 1999, has lost his bid for a new trial. Robidoux, who was a leader in the cult founded by his father, Roland, is serving a life prison term without parole for first-degree murder. He will now take his appeal to the state Supreme Judicial Court. The SJC, which automatically reviews all first-degree murder cases, may be able to hear the case in a few months, said Janet Pumphrey, Robidoux’s appellate lawyer.

Cult-ivating a new defense

Sect leader serving life for starving son claims he was brainwashed Killer cult dad Jacques Robidoux has pulled away from the controversial religious sect and is seeking a new trial, copping an insanity plea similar to one that got his wife off the hook for their son’s 1999 starvation death. “He’s reconsidering everything,” said Robert Pardon, a cult deprogrammer who has frequently met with Robidoux behind bars. “He’s away from the group. He’s had a chance to think. He’s cooperating with his attorney. He understands things in ways that he didn’t before.” Pardon said Robidoux has had problems in prison

Cult dad seeking new trial

ATTLEBORO — Jacques Robidoux, the Attleboro religious cult father imprisoned for starving his son to death, is seeking a new trial on the grounds that his original trial lawyer failed to seek an insanity defense. Robidoux, 32, now says he was brainwashed by the cult, known as “ The Body,” led by his father Roland Robidoux, and was not criminally responsible for his actions. He is serving a life sentence without parole for starving his almost 1-year-old son, Samuel, to death after following what he believed was an order from God to feed him only breast milk.