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Former minister: Clergy confronted Hornbuckle about his womanizing

FORT WORTH – More than 12 years ago, Bishop Terry Hornbuckle was confronted about his womanizing by a group of clergy, a former minister of the bishop’s church said Thursday. Demetruis Carrier, 43, who was a member of Hornbuckle’s Agape Christian Fellowship in Arlington from 1990 to 1993, said he organized with three other ministers outside of the church whom Hornbuckle respected. Hornbuckle was convicted this week of sexually assaulting three women. Jurors deciding Hornbuckle’s punishment deliberated for about three hours Thursday before adjourning until Monday. Carrier said he and his wife had left the church about a month earlier.

Inmate, former mistress testify against Terry Hornbuckle

This report contains frank sexual language. FORT WORTH — In the “free world,” the Rev. Terry Hornbuckle‘s drug of choice was methamphetamine. While awaiting trial in the Tarrant County Jail, however, a fellow inmate testified, Hornbuckle took whatever he could get his hands on. Jail inmate Russell Wayne Eason testified Wednesday that he traded Seroquel, an antipsychotic medication he had been prescribed, to Hornbuckle for items such as coffee and sweets. “I said, ‘These are 100 milligrams. They make you drowsy, woozy and disoriented,’” Eason said. “He said he had given them to some of his church members — he

Congregants urged to rally for pastor Terry Hornbuckle

ARLINGTON — Prosecutors spent most of Wednesday trying to persuade a jury to send the Rev. Terry Hornbuckle away to prison. But at night, congregants at Agape Christian Fellowship heard that this is not the time to abandon their church. The Rev. Johnny Green, pastor at Mount Nebo Church in Harlem, New York, said that Agape was a pretty church and that the devil wanted it for himself. “I’m so sick and tired of fair-weather Christians,” Green said. “People talking about they can’t go down there because the preacher ain’t right. You ain’t right.” The crowd of more than 200

Fourth woman accuses Terry Hornbuckle

In punishment phase, she says he drugged her, pressured her into sex FORT WORTH – A fourth woman testified that Arlington pastor Terry Hornbuckle drugged her and, as he did with a previous victim, used his status to persuade her to have sex. The woman’s testimony came during Wednesday’s punishment phase of Mr. Hornbuckle’s trial. Mr. Hornbuckle was convicted Tuesday of sexually assaulting three other women, two of them church members. The prosecution and the defense rested Wednesday after the testimony of Mr. Hornbuckle’s elderly mother, who asked the jury to be lenient. The jury could begin deliberating Mr. Hornbuckle’s

Terry Hornbuckle found guilty

FORT WORTH – A Tarrant County jury on Tuesday convicted Arlington pastor Terry Hornbuckle on all counts of rape charges involving three young women, including two members of his church. The jury deliberated nearly 34 hours before reaching the verdict, and was expected to begin the punishment phase Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Hornbuckle is facing two to 20 years in prison, but he could also be eligible for probation. The prosecution spent six days building a case against Mr. Hornbuckle, founder of Agape Christian Fellowship church. The defense rested without calling a witness. Prosecutors said Mr. Hornbuckle used his position as

Jury convicts Terry Hornbuckle on three sex assault charges

FORT WORTH, Texas – Jurors in Fort Worth today convicted an Arlington minister of sexually assaulting three women. Now comes the punishment phase for the Reverend Terry Hornbuckle, who founded the Agape Christian Fellowship. Each sexual assault count carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison. Two accusers are former church members. Allegations were raised that Hornbuckle drugged at least two of the women. The defense rested last Tuesday without calling any witnesses. Defense attorney Leon Haley, during closing arguments, said Hornbuckle’s trial was a lesson in the evils of drugs and adultery — but didn’t involve crimes.

Terry Hornbuckle jury sends more notes, still has no verdict

FORT WORTH – Jurors in pastor Terry Hornbuckle’s rape trial deliberated for a fourth full day Monday, but they still did not reach a verdict. After 28 hours of deliberation, there was no evidence that the jury was deadlocked, state district Judge Scott Wisch said. The jury sent at least 14 notes to the judge Monday, but most were about testimony or evidence connected to the second of three alleged victims. “We hate to be all this trouble,” Judge Wisch said, quoting the jury about the long wait. He described the jurors as calm and methodical. Also, they appear to

Still no verdict from Terry Hornbuckle jury

FORT WORTH — After 41/2 days of deliberations, the jury in the sexual assault trial of Arlington pastor Terry Hornbuckle continued laboring through the afternoon, periodically sending out notes requesting additional information. As of 5:15 p.m., jurors had sent out 14 notes related to evidence presented in the trial; five this morning and nine this afternoon. All but one of today’s notes concerned the accuser known only as “Jane Doe.” State District Judge Scott Wisch said the jurors appeared to be getting along and were “calm, quiet, professional and methodic.” As for the long deliberations, he said, “We’re here as

Attorneys: Jury in Terry Hornbuckle’s rape trial isn’t deadlocked

FORT WORTH – The jury in the rape trial of pastor Terry Hornbuckle quit for the weekend after 21 hours of deliberation spread over four days. The defense and prosecution said there is no indication that the 9-woman, 3-man jury is deadlocked. The trial started two and a half weeks ago. “Jury deliberations are jury deliberations. It’s kind of hard to read anything into them,” said prosecutor Sean Colston. Defense attorneys Mike Heiskell and Leon Haley said they have never participated in a trial where the jury has taken this long to reach a verdict. But Mr. Haley said the

Terry Hornbuckle: Jurors ask for definition of burden of proof

FORT WORTH — Jurors in Terry Hornbuckle’s sexual assault trial sent out a flurry of notes in about an hour Friday morning concerning two of the Arlington pastors’ accusers. It was the fourth day of deliberation in the trial, and jurors have spent about 16 hours so far trying to decide their verdicts on three charges. The first note Friday dealt with a conversation that the mother of Krystal Buchanan, one of the accusers, testified she had with football star Deion Sanders. Loretta Sheppard said Sanders called and asked her to “hold off” on acting after she learned of her