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Pakistan Vows Crackdown on Taliban Remnants

Reuters, Apr. 28, 2003 ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (Reuters) – Pakistan on Monday vowed to act against Afghan Taliban leaders who might have been operating from its territory, but denied reports that the elusive chief of the Islamic militia was in the country. Foreign Ministry spokesman Aziz Ahmed Khan said reports that Taliban Supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar was hiding in Pakistan were misinformation. “Such claims and such misinformations may come,” Khan told a news conference. “Anybody who knows it why doesn’t he go and catch that prize (announced by the United States) rather than just making claims that he is

Bamian villagers count the victims

Carlotta Gall The New York Times International Herald Tribune Friday, July 26, 2002 Wrath went beyond Buddhas BAMIAN, Afghanistan A 51-year-old farmer, Hussein Jan, tossed a stone into a shallow pit dug on a slope above this town. “They shot us here, 76 people, they killed everyone, and only I survived,” he said. “With me there were 11 people from my village, most of them relatives, and I alone survived,” he said. (…) In tales like this, the people of the Bamian region have been counting their dead since they returned to this fabled valley seven months ago, after