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Man Arrested in Afghan Woman’s Mutilation

An Afghan man who helped mutilate his young daughter-in-law after she tried to flee her marriage has been arrested for abetting the crime.

The father-in-law, named Suliman, is being held in an Afghanistan jail, according to Women for Afghan Women, and has confessed to holding a gun to the young girl’s head while her nose and ears were cut off.

Ayesha, the young woman, is safely in the United States where she is undergoing a series of reconstructive surgeries.

Police are still searching for her husband and her brother-in-law, who performed the mutilation.

Once known only as “Bibi,” Ayesha’s story has become an example of the brutality of the Taliban and also the resilience of a young woman.

Taleban drugs control ‘effective’

The Taleban‘s fight against opium production in Afghanistan was the “most effective” drug control policy of modern times, research suggests. During the 1990s, Afghanistan was the main source of the world’s illicit heroin supply. But a UK study has found a Taleban crackdown on drugs led to global heroin production falling by two-thirds in 2001. However, it notes that such draconian methods could not be used elsewhere. Grassroots Most Afghan heroin production was smuggled illegally to the West and to neighbouring Pakistan and Iran. But from July 2000 until its downfall over a year later, the Taleban regime enforced a

Taliban threaten mutilation for Afghans who shave or listen to music

KABUL (AFP) – Suspected Taliban have threatened to cut off the nose and ears of men who shave their beards or anyone caught listening to music in a district of southeast Afghanistan “A group of Taliban have stopped vehicles on the highway to Khost and have warned passengers that if they shave their beards in the future or listen to music their ears and noses will be cut off,” Paktia provincial governor Asadaullah Wafa told AFP by satellite phone on Sunday. Wafa said the group of a dozen suspected Taliban had been threatening people in Zadran district 140 kilometres (90

Thousands join Taliban’s new jihad in Afghanistan: Report

Almost two years after they were defeated, the Taliban leadership is recruiting thousands of extremists popularly called ‘Sarbaz’ – those who care nothing for their own lives – to fight the government of Mohd Karzai and the US-led forces in Afghanistan, reports here said. The Taliban, were supposedly vanquished in December 2001 when American and Northern Alliance forces drove them from power, are reviving and fighting back across southern Afghanistan. According to the report from Kandahar region of Afghanistan, students from religious seminaries across the border in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan have joined the war within Afghanistan, and are