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Survey: U.S. sorts God into categories

More Americans are religious than previously thought, though some of them just don’t know what religion they are. That’s one conclusion of the Baylor Religion Survey, released Monday by the Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion, which considers it to be one of the most comprehensive studies ever of Americans’ beliefs and practices regarding religion. A 2004 study found that a rising 14 percent of Americans are among the “religious nones,” who have no religious affiliation, based on questions about their denomination or religious identity. The Baylor study released Monday, which included a question asking respondents “where do you go

Poll finds support eroding for press, religious freedoms

AP, Aug. 30, 2002 Support for the First Amendment has eroded significantly since Sept. 11, and nearly half of Americans think the news media are too aggressive in seeking information on the war on terrorism, an annual survey released yesterday shows. The nationwide telephone poll of 1,000 people found 49% think the First Amendment goes too far in guaranteeing press and religious rights. That’s a jump of 10 percentage points since 2001 and more than double 2000’s 22%. ”Many Americans view these fundamental freedoms as possible obstacles in the war on terrorism,” said Ken Paulson, executive director of the