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Nearly 20% in U.S. see God as on America’s side

Statistical revelation: Religion going strong Baylor poll also shows nearly 20% in U.S. see God as on America’s side WACO — Religion is not on the wane in the United States, according to a national survey on faith released Monday. The American Piety in the 21st Century survey found that previous studies incorrectly counted 10 million people as having no religion. It also revealed that nearly a fifth of Americans believe God favors the United States in world affairs. In what Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion researchers described as one of the most comprehensive studies of the U.S. religious

Faith in God and the four-leaf clover

Churchgoers in Britain are still highly superstitious and centuries of preaching the Gospel have failed to banish belief in omens and portents of good and bad luck. According to a study, nearly all churchgoers admit to practising superstitious behaviour such as crossing their fingers for luck, touching wood for protection or throwing spilt salt over their left shoulder. The Christian Church has always been highly antagonistic towards superstition, believing it to be irrational and linked to paganism. Through the Dark and Middle Ages, anyone suspected of using traditional charms to secure good or bad luck for themselves or others would