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Judge dismisses Summum request for equal space with Ten Commandments

Summum A federal judge on Thursday tossed out a lawsuit by a Salt Lake City religious group seeking equal space for its own marker in a Pleasant Grove city park that has a Ten Commandments monument.

Summum — which was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in a pyramid-shaped temple — encourages some Egyptian practices, such as mummification. It has demanded public space for a monument touting its ‘Seven Aphorisms.’

U.S. Supreme Court turns down Summum sect’s demand for religious display

Summum The justices today unanimously overturned a ruling that required Pleasant Grove, Utah, to give equal access to Summum, a church that wants to display its “seven aphorisms.”

Writing for the court, Justice Samuel Alito said the Pleasant Grove monument represented “government speech,” exempting it from having to give private groups equal access under the Constitution’s free-speech clause.

Tiny sect believes God gave Moses Seven Aphorisms before giving the Ten Commandments

Summum Followers of Summum believe that Moses received two sets of tablets on Mount Sinai and that the Ten Commandments were on the second set. The aphorisms were on the first one.

The tiny sect — whose founder says says he learned the aphorisms during a series of telepathic encounters with divine beings he called Summa Individuals — wants them displayed in a public park.

On Wednesday, the US Supreme Court will hear their arguments.

Sect sues, asks equal space for ‘Aphorisms’

Followers of the Summum faith say Moses made two trips down from the mountain. On one journey, the prophet returned with the Ten Commandments, “lower laws” that were easily understood and widely distributed. The higher law obtained from the other trip, though, was passed down only to a select few who were able to appreciate it, according to the Salt Lake City-based religion. But now, Summum is fighting a legal battle to share that higher law – the Seven Aphorisms, or principles that underlie creation and nature – with everyone in a public forum. The church has filed suit against