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FBI: ‘Sovereign citizen’ cases on the rise

Soverign Citizens movement Federal authorities are seeing an increase in the number of  foreclosed and unoccupied homes in metro Atlanta, Georgia being seized by members of a sect known as ‘Sovereign Citizens’ — a movement of right-wing anarchists who reject all government power.

Members of the Sovereign movement, which the FBI identifies as a Domestic Terrrorism Organization, are found across the USA.

Search for sons drags on as in-laws stay holed up in compound

A world apart Dad’s 4-year search for sons drags on as in-laws stay holed up in compound TRINIDAD — For both families, the clock has ticked slowly as the weeks turn into months and then into years. On the outside is Keith Tarkington, whose kids are school-age now — but he hasn’t seen them since they were infants. On the inside are John Joe Gray and most of his family, who have sealed themselves in an armed homestead and haven’t seen the outside world since Bill Clinton was president. “Nothing has changed,” says Henderson County Sheriff Ronnie Brownlow, who was