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Sikh holy man wins right to libel action appeal

An Indian holy man who tried to sue a journalist and a newspaper which said he was an impostor has been granted the right to appeal an earlier decision to strike out his libel claim.

Sitting at the Court of Appeal today Lady Justice Smith approved an oral application to renew the appeal on behalf of His Holiness Sant Baba Jeet Singh Ji Maharaj.

The holy man – who heads the Nirmal Kutia Johal religious order – originally had his attempt to sue journalist Hardeep Singh and Eastern Media Group – owner of the Sikh Times – struck out at the High Court in May.

The action came over an article Singh wrote for The Sikh Times in August 2007 in which alleged – the libel claim suggested — the holy man was the leader of a cult and an impostor who had disturbed the peace in the Sikh community of High Wycombe and promoted blasphemy and the sexual exploitation and abuse of women.

High Court halts Indian holy man’s libel case against British journalist

Baba Jeet Singh Ji Jeet Singh claimed that an article written by Hardeep Singh in a British newspaper suggested he was the leader of a cult and promoted blasphemy and the sexual exploitation and abuse of women.

The trial could not proceed as any finding would require the court to enter into issues of doctrine, tradition and practice of the Sikh religion which was contrary to established legal authority

Sikhs mark ‘World Turban Day’

Indian Sikhs celebrated World Turban Day on Tuesday to demonstrate the importance of retaining the headgear rather than adopting Western-style haircuts. The central event of the celebration was a contest in which hundreds of male Sikhs had to wrap a turban around their heads in Amritsar, the holiest city in Sikhdom, with the winner judged on neatness and speed, organisers said. The Sikh religious headgear is a piece of cloth about eight metres (26.4 feet) long and is carefully pleated over untrimmed hair. Gurbachan Singh, who heads the religion’s highest temporal seat — the Akal Takht — said the annual

Sikhs take turban rights case to United Nations

Turban A Sikh rights group asked a U.N. human rights committee on Monday to declare that France violated a student’s rights by expelling him for wearing a turban and to recommend repealing the law that led to it.

France passed a law in 2004 banning children in state primary and secondary schools from wearing conspicuous religious symbols, including Muslim headscarves, Jewish yarmulkes, large Christian crosses and Sikh turbans.

Sikh family accuses deputies of abuse, taunts

Sikhs Instead of investigating a reported burglary, a posse of cops reportedly committed a variety of hate crimes against members of a Sikh family.

One deputy reportedly asked them if they’d “heard about the bombings in Bombay.” Another allegedly said he had been to Kuwait and “knew about Muslims.”

Since 9/11, misperceptions about Sikhs’ religiously mandated turbans and beards have led to an increase in discrimination against Sikhs, according to the New York-based Sikh Coalition.

Europe court says no to turban on Sikh’s driving licence

Sikh In a statement, the court recognised that the rule on photographs ‘amounted to interference with the exercise of the right to freedom of religion‘, but judged that this was justified

Freedom of religion ‘did not always guarantee the right to behave in a manner governed by a religious belief and did not confer on people who did so the right to disregard rules that had proved to be justified,’ the court said.