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Cast Out

Cast out: Religious shunning provides an unusual background in the Longo and Bryant slayings The Register-Guard, Mar. 2, 2003 By Karen McCowan, The Register-Guard Shunning. In the eyes of most Oregonians, it’s an unfamiliar, even archaic, practice – a throwback to the era of “The Scarlet Letter.” Yet it provided a bizarre backdrop for two recent familicides that occurred here just two months and 75 miles apart. Shunning is not a topic that typically arises when detectives interview a murder suspect. But Christian Longo, accused in the December 2001 killings of his wife, MaryJane, and their three children, raised

Many religions remove members

The Register-Guard, Mar. 2, 2003 Karen McCowan The Jehovah’s Witnesses are hardly unique in sometimes removing folks from membership in the congregation. “Almost any religious body would, on occasion, drop a membership – by request, due to inactivity or as a matter of discipline due to some kind of moral failure,” said Ron Stansell, professor of religion studies at George Fox University. Catholics, for instance, can be excommunicated – denied sacraments considered their means of salvation. But the Jehovah’s Witnesses are among a minority of Christian groups in the United States known to cut off social – and, as