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Cultic Groups Stalk Harvest Crusade Attendees

cults When Lynn’s son Bryce went to the annual Harvest Crusade, a Christian music and evangelism event, she had no way of knowing he would be lured into a cultic group known as the Twelve Tribes.

As Lynn discovered to her dismay, behind the quaint “freepapers” and homespun clothing is a religious system marked by exclusivism, racism, manipulation, and the spiritual domination of a man who calls himself “Yoneq.”

Seventh-day Adventists are among the other groups that chase down Crusade attendees.

Seventh-day Adventist editor warns of threats to religious freedom

HOBBLECREEK CANYON – Lincoln Steed had one message for Seventh-day Adventists at their annual retreat here: “Watch out. True religious freedom is being threatened before your eyes.” Steed is editor of Liberty, the church’s 100-year-old magazine on religious freedom, and was one of the retreat’s keynote speakers. He speaks rapidly, running easily between discussions of recent flaps over the Ten Commandments in the public square to the prisoners at Guanta’namo to same-sex unions. His knowledge is encyclopedic; his opinions, passionate. “It is time to respond to the threats with spiritual commitment,” he said. “It is our role to rein in

27-year police vet claims religious discrimination

After Diedre Renee Forte was sent two years ago to a routine supervisory class at the Metro Police Department Training Academy, in which the class watched a video that led to Forte’s religious affiliation being identified, her 27-year career with the department changed dramatically. It’s the main allegation Forte makes in a lawsuit she filed against the police department in federal court last week. Police spokesman Don Aaron would not comment on the suit, instead deferring to the Metro Legal Department. Forte, 46, claims that a training video “concerning David Koresh from the Branch Davidian” in Waco, Texas, resulted in