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Police investigate whether disappeared cult family perished in plane crash

Gary Felman alias Simon Kadwell or Kadwill The mysterious disappearance of an Australian family linked to an internet cult has taken a dramatic twist, with police investigating whether they were on a plane which crashed in Brazil four years ago.

It is understood WA detectives have been investigating whether the group could have travelled under false identities, but are yet to find any evidence that they did.

International hunt for cult ‘guru’ over family disappearance

Gary Felman alias Simon Kadwell or Kadwill One of Western Australia’s greatest mysteries has gained international exposure as Australian Federal Police try to re-ignite new leads into the case of missing Nannup mother Chantelle McDougall and her daughter Leela.

The woman’s partner, Simon Kadwell (an alias) has been linked to a sect based on a doomsday book called Servers of the Divine Plan, which calls on “servers” to take up their positions on Earth before the world’s imminent end and rebirth.