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Self-mutilation is on the rise, experts say

Given time to heal, the cuts appear to be mere scratches. But take a closer look, these cuts or “scratches” were no accident. After months of therapy, 17-year-old “Jane,” can look at her scars with perspective. The events and emotional turmoil that compelled her to take a razor to her inner forearm and upper arms are still clear in her mind, but the desire to cut has begun to fade. “I always felt stupid and childish after I had done it. It felt good for the moment but after the blood had dried up and I realized I’m going to

Girls who cut

Self-harm is increasing among children as young as six. Hilary Freeman reports on why so many are turning to the razor, and one teenager tells her story. Paula is 12. She doesn’t get on with her parents because they dislike her friends and complain that she stays out too late. Lately, they have been having huge, ugly rows which leave Paula feeling angry and upset. She will go to her room and take the razor she uses to shave her legs out of the drawer. Then she will drag it along her wrists or upper arms, cutting deep into the