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Seas of David: Oddballs tried mix of creeds & religions

The details emerging yesterday about the seven accused wanna-be jihadists did not make up a picture of your standard Islamic terrorists. Either Haitian immigrants or the sons of Haitian immigrants, they belonged to an off-the-wall Biblical sect called the Seas of David that mixed elements of Christianity and Islam. Their leader, Narseal Batiste, was known in his native Chicago for his large, wooden walking stick, flowing robes and matching headdress – either white or purple. “He used to stand on the corner for a long time talking up at the sky and holding a big stick,” said Sarah Villasensor, 53,

Seas of David: Leaders say accused bombers not Muslim

Seven men arrested in the US for planning to blow up America’s tallest building and FBI offices were not Muslims and not linked to the US Islamic community, Islamic leaders insisted yesterday. The suspects – five Americans and two foreigners – arrested on Thursday after approaching an undercover FBI agent who they thought was an agent of al-Qaeda, were described as a cult. They were accused of trying to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago with help from al-Qaeda. But authorities said the men never actually made contact with the terrorist network and were instead caught in an FBI

The gang intent on jihad in heart of US

Seven men were charged yesterday with waging war on the United States after they were arrested and accused of plotting to blow up America’s tallest building. The arrests in Miami and Atlanta of five Americans and two Haitians, who were accused of pledging allegiance to al-Qa’eda, represent the most serious case of suspected homegrown Islamic terrorism uncovered in the US since the September 11 attacks. Alberto Gonzales, the attorney general, said the men, who were held overnight in raids at a warehouse in Miami and in Atlanta, had sought to bring down Chicago’s 110-floor Sears Tower and attack an FBI

Dad: Sears Tower suspect under spell of man

The father of the former Chicagoan accused of plotting to blow up the Sears Tower remembers his son, Narseal Batiste, coming under the spell of a man who wore a black robe and walked with a black staff. “We went to dinner with this old guy in Chicago about six years ago,” said the Rev. Narcisse Batiste, a nondenominational Christian pastor. “He was teaching Narseal the Holy Quran bible. He said, ‘Dad, I would like to study this, and he is teaching me.’ I think the old guy has probably misdirected him or gave him bad advice.” The identity of

Seas of David: Bizarre cult of Sears Tower plotter

The ringleader of the seven men accused of plotting to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago was a “Moses-like figure” who carried a crooked cane and wore a cape as he sought to recruit followers to a religious cult called the Seas of David. Narseal Batiste, 32, a martial arts enthusiast, led his oddball group of what he called “soldiers” seeking to wage a “full ground war” against America, according to charges brought last week. The father of four, known to his followers as Prinze Naz, sometimes wore a bathrobe when entering the shabby warehouse in Miami that FBI

Seas of David: Plot to topple Sears Tower alerts US to home-grown terror cells

America was warned yesterday that it faced a new “home-grown terrorist” threat after the FBI arrested seven men accused of conspiring with al-Qaeda and plotting to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago. The alleged terrorist cell was said to have been based at a warehouse in Liberty City, Miami, where they wore turbans and dressed in black while performing “military-style” training exercises outside. Although law enforcement chiefs acknowledged that their plans were more “aspirational than operational”, the group, five US citizens and two Haitian immigrants, had been in contact with an FBI agent posing as a member of al-Qaeda.

Sect inspired ‘leader of Sears Tower plot’

The alleged ringleader of a terrorist cell that planned to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago was an adherent of an obscure black Islamist sect that was first investigated by America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation in the 1950s, relatives said yesterday. According to an FBI indictment, Narseal Batiste, 32, wanted to build an “Islamic army” to “wage war against the United States government” and provide “material support to al-Qaeda“. He and the six other accused lived in Miami. Relatives said that Batiste, described as a “Moses-like” figure who roamed his neighbourhood wearing a robe and carrying a crooked wooden