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Sect builds temple to rival pyramids

Celebrities back giant complex in India It is being trumpeted as one of the biggest religious stone structures in the world, rivalling the Great Pyramid at Giza, and has a legion of famous backers. It is thought that Sir Paul McCartney is one of those who has been approached. Supporters of the multi-million-pound Akshardham Hindu temple complex in India say they expect to play host to dignitaries including former presidents Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton at the opening next month. The temple, on the outskirts of Delhi by the banks of the sacred River Yamuna, has risen almost unnoticed in

Iraqi Sect Holds Onto Old Ritual

Columbian, July 22, 2003 BAGHDAD, Iraq — Tanks rumbled past on a nearby bridge Monday and U.S. helicopters chopped through the air overhead, but down by the bank of the Tigris River was a scene from thousands of years ago. Hundreds of Sabaean Mandeans a tiny sect that views John the Baptist as savior waited in line in gauzy, white tunics to submerge themselves in the ancient river. The Sabaean Mandeans were celebrating the eve of their first New Year since the fall of Saddam Hussein, and many said they were just as worried about the future as they

Japan Fears Another Religious Sect

Tokyo — When police zeroed in on the Aum Shinri Kyo (Supreme Truth) cult after the deadly nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway system this March, the bizarre group seemed to pose the ultimate threat to Japanese society. Aum’s mission, after all, was to build an army, equipped with Russian tanks and biological weapons, for an eventual Armageddon that would be preceded by a war between Japan and the United States. But the cult that dominated the airwaves only a few months ago now gets second billing to another religious outfit. Today the focus of alarm is Soka Gakkai