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Archbishop of Canterbury claims Christian doctrines is offensive to Muslims. Fails to note Islamic doctrine is offensive to Christians.

Rowan Williams As if he did not already have his hands full with the (pending) schisms within the denomination he supposedly leads, the ‘Archbishop of Canterbury’ keeps finding opportunities to court controversy.

Dr Williams also said violence is incompatible with the beliefs of either faith and that, once that principle is accepted, both can work together against poverty and prejudice and to help the environment.

Archbishop praises author accused of blasphemy

Philip Pullman, the best-selling author with a widely advertised contempt for organised religion, has found an unlikely champion in the Archbishop of Canterbury who has risked the wrath of fundamentalists by praising the National Theatre’s adaptation of the author’s His Dark Materials as a “near miraculous triumph”. Rowan Williams, already regarded with some suspicion by conservative evangelicals for his liberal social views, writes in today’s Guardian: “This extraordinary theatrical adventure sets a creative religious agenda in a way hard to parallel in recent literature and performance.” ‘A near-miraculous triumph’: Archbishop Rowan Williams reveals how it felt to see religion savaged

Anglicans enthrone controversial new leader

Reuters, Feb. 27, 2003 By Gideon Long CANTERBURY, England, Feb 27 (Reuters) – Liberal cleric Rowan Williams, who has clashed with the British government over Iraq, was enthroned as Archbishop of Canterbury on Thursday to the accompaniment of harps, African drums and Welsh poetry. Williams, an honorary Druid from Wales, becomes the 104th Archbishop in the 1,500-year history of Christianity in Britain and promises to be one of the most controversial. In recent weeks he has been locked in a debate with Prime Minister Tony Blair over the morality of attacking Iraq. Blair who was among 2,400 worshippers packed

Church alliance warns Williams over gays

The Telegraph (England), Dec. 11, 2002 By Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent A group reflecting the views of up to a third of the Church of England issued a veiled warning to the Archbishop of Canterbury yesterday to promote traditional sexual ethics or risk losing his authority. Dr

church confirms its liberal new archbishop

Solemn, arcane and ceremonial, church confirms its liberal new archbishop The Guardian (England), Dec. 3, 2002 Stephen Bates, religious affairs correspondent With a full panoply of bishops and ceremonial, the established church confirmed its “right trusty and well-beloved” brother

When a druid isn’t a druid

BBC, Aug. 6, 2002 Dr Rowan Williams, the next Archbishop of Canterbury, has joined the Gorsedd of the Bards at the National Eisteddfod. He has been criticised for dabbling in paganism. But it’s not quite like that. From its birth in 1792, the Gorsedd of Bards of the Isle of Britain – the white-cloaked organisation Dr Rowan Williams joined on Monday – has found itself confused with the pagan rites of druidism. By joining the druid bards – which include the Queen, opera singer Bryn Terfel and Welsh rugby star Gareth Edwards – Dr Williams has been attacked

Arbishop criticises press over ‘pagan’ link

icWales, Aug. 4, 2002 By Jamie Lyons and Phil Hazlewood The incoming Archbishop of Canterbury today criticised the press for portraying him as a pagan. Dr Rowan Williams will tomorrow be made an honorary white druid as part of an ancient Celtic cultural tradition. But Dr Williams, who was last month named as the successor to Dr George Carey, said the suggestion that the honour was linked to paganism was offensive. “The suggestion perpetrated recently by some elements of the British daily press that the Gorsedd is even remotely associated with paganism is deeply offensive – not just in