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The Brethren: Parents Seek Kids Lost to This Controversial Cult

And now, we bring you a report on what has been called one of the most secretive and impenetrable religious cults in this country. They are known as The Brethren or more commonly the Garbage Eaters because of the way they live. Experts say over the years, they and their leader, Jim Roberts, have targeted religious college kids and convinced hundreds of them to reject their parents and disappear into the shadows. There was a time, of course, when parents tried to seize and deprogram these kids. But in recent years, many courts have made that difficult. So tonight, the

Brothers and Sisters use the Bible to their advantage

Before Kraig Foster left to join the Brothers and Sisters, he sat down and wrote a letter to his family. “In case (you’re) wondering if this group of Christians is some kind of cult, they are not,” he wrote in the letter dated April 5, 1984. “I thought about that a lot at first, too. But God has shown me that they are truly his disciples. God has shown me through Scripture.” The Holy Bible. Old Testament. New Testament. The Gospels. Through the ages, their chapters and verses have been used to defend slavery, and to abolish it. To embrace

In the shadows

Across America, a nomadic band quietly recruits brothers and sisters for the “true” church SEATTLE — It is late on a hot July afternoon at Westlake Center, a downtown plaza where drifters and tourists lounge on benches shaded by alder trees. Shoppers stream into department stores as cafe patrons idle over rich brews and listen to the flutes of an Andean street ensemble. Into this scene come two bearded young men clutching Bibles, ambling as if in slow motion. They are scruffy — not so unusual in grunge-hip Seattle — but they seem out of place, from another time. They