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religion reporting Due to economic realities — including the move of readers from print to pixels — religion news reporters are experiencing rocky times. Many have been laid off or have accepted buyouts.

Religion reporters are now looking at how they can leverage their knowledge and skills online.

Also: Religion News Blog talks about its new (and evolving) approach, including a new religion news portal project.

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Greetings! As you may have noticed, Religion News Blog has moved to a new server. If you have bookmarked Religion News Blog – or its parent site, Apologetics Index – in the past, the link you saved probably starts with In the near future, that link will no longer work. Instead, you will be able to reach Apologetics Index and Religion News Blog at their own domain names: Apologetics Religion News Internet Explorer users can click here to bookmark Apologetics Index(as, and here to bookmark Religion News Blog(as If you use our free news ticker