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Girls had many questions about witchcraft, pastor says

Two young sisters who were murdered during a ritual slaying Sunday knew more about witchcraft then they should have for their age, a local pastor said. Pastor Cary Gordon of Cornerstone World Outreach said Kendra Suing, 10, and Alysha Suing, 8, bombarded a bus driver for the church with questions after a summer lesson about the sinfulness of practicing witchcraft.

Child Sacrifice is On the Rise in Uganda

The story of toddler, Edrine Muguluma who was recently kidnapped and murdered in ritual sacrifice has shocked the nation. He is one of many children that are increasingly being killed in cold blood on the orders of witchdoctors and traditional healers that we must find a solution to. To illustrate what I am talking about, I would like to share with you some stories that have made headlines in Uganda. Shammim Muhammad, aged 5 On April 4, 1999, Jalia Katusiime, a hair dresser from Njeru town, Mukono district left her five-year-old daughter Shammim Muhammed with a neighbour, Francis Muwanga, to

Fear of cult drives school attendance down

Fear of alleged cult members out to abduct and kill young children has caused attendance in some schools in northern Negros to drop and officials are taking measures to address the problem. Mayor Evelio Valencia Jr. yesterday said steps are being taken to stop the reduction of school attendance in some Toboso barangays believed triggered by fear of the presence of long-haired bearded men, one of whom has been nabbed for the brutal killing of a 6-year-old boy in his town. Fears of the suspected cult members reported to be wearing blue shirts appears to have spread to neighboring Escalante