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Tower owner avoids fines for late work

The owners of the 21-story tower on the former Heritage USA property won’t be fined for failing to demolish it on time because they’ve started the county process that could allow the structure to legally remain, county officials told York County Council on Monday.

First changes to former Heritage USA near completion

FORT MILL — MorningStar Fellowship Church soon will unveil the first of its completed restoration projects on the 52-acre Heritage International Ministries property, formerly a corner of Heritage USA. Church founder Rick Joyner is restoring the property, which was owned and operated by Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker’s Praise the Lord ministry in the 1980s. He bought the property from developer Earl Coulston in 2004. By Sept. 1, Joyner expects to have restored all 345 rooms, suites and office spaces of the Grand Hotel and finished the stores of the indoor market called Main Street. The facility restorations will coincide

Former PTL site new home to Katrina evacuees

The refurbished grounds of the former PTL site will be a welcomed home to some Hurricane Katrina evacuees. FORT MILL — It is known world-wide as the former base of the Praise the Lord Ministries. Jim Baker’s brainchild shut down in the late 80’s because of a criminal conviction. But a new ministry took over the old site, tore down the cobwebs and refurbished it and that’s good news for some Hurricane Katrina evacuees. Soon, the site once owned by PTL and now made over by MorningStar Ministries will be home to Gulf Coast evacuees. It’s 500 room hotel complete

Jim Bakker may return to Fort Mill for special visit

FORT MILL, S.C. — The old home of Jim Bakker’s ministry in Fort Mill was once considered the third largest attraction in the country. But for more than a decade the 2,200 acre site sat under cobwebs, destroyed by vagrants. The old Praise the Lord, or PTL, has been renovated under its new owners. Rick Joyner is proud of his diamond in the rough. The Grand Hotel has 500 rooms. “It is the largest hotel in South Carolina as far as numbers of rooms,” Joyner said. His church, Morning Star Fellowship, renovated the old PTL. “You know there had obviously

Plans key to linking Fort Mill, Pineville

New roads important part of development FORT MILL — A developer’s plans for restoring the old Heritage USA property include a new road that will give York County residents a quick route through Regent Park to Pineville, N.C. Grading is underway for an extension of Regent Parkway that will cut through the former complex created by Jim and Tammy Bakker to Dorman Road in Mecklenburg County, N.C. Construction is expected to be finished in a year. The two-lane, approximately one-mile road will provide a back-door route to Carolina Place Mall, said Earl Coulston of Coulston Enterprises of Fort Mill, who

Religion returns to ex-PTL site

Church holds first service at former Heritage USA FORT MILL — In a mix between a rock concert and a church meeting, MorningStar Fellowship Church on Sunday dedicated its new location at what once was Heritage USA. The capacity crowd clapped and danced in the temporary assembly hall set up in the lobby of the former Heritage Grand Hotel. Many waved their arms and turned their faces, eyes closed, toward the ceiling. Some danced barefoot or in their socks. “God is doing awesome things here,” said Eric Coon of Charlotte, who provided security to upper floors. “He’s going to restore

Heritage USA: Now … and then

New owner eager to transform old complex The Charlotte Observer /mld/observer/news/local/states/south_carolina/counties/york/9823359.htm?1c Heritage USA: Now … and then New owner eager to transform old complex Even in dim light on a rainy day visit last week, the vacant Heritage Grand Hotel seemed full of possibility to new owner Rick Joyner of MorningStar Fellowship Church. Hours before the church’s founder bought the hotel and 52 acres of the former Heritage USA property last week, Joyner walked through the property to inspect its condition. “I’m wondering what to do with all of it,” he said as he peered out over the old Main