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Hundreds pay respects to televangelist Rex Humbard

CUYAHOGA FALLS: Hundreds flowed through the doors of the former Cathedral of Tomorrow on Saturday to pay respects to the revivalist preacher who pioneered television evangelism. At the height of the Rev. Rex Humbard‘s popularity, an estimated 25 million people worldwide on 2,000 stations watched his Sunday sermons from the Cathedral of Tomorrow. In 1999, he was heralded by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top 25 architects of the modern era. ”I grew up in this church. My parents came to Christ through Rex’s ministry,” said Elizabeth Bandy of Akron. ”His legacy is so touching. He’s

Rex in the Red

Lately, however, Humbard’s evangelical empire has been having some mammon troubles. Officials in six states have banned further sale of the securities sold by the cathedral because they were not properly registered.