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Religion News Blog tweaks format

Religion News Blog In an effort to better serve its readers Religion News Blog has introduced a new format.

The site’s front page now is a ‘news stream’ with links to religion-related articles not just inside Religion News Blog, but also at other websites.

The new format was adopted in large part due to positive reader feedback to the RNB Roundup posts — which included collections of links to a wide variety of religion-related news items and research resources.

Religion News Blog: Server Upgrade

It’s that time again… Religion News Blog is in the process of upgrading to a bigger and better server – one which can handle more simultaneous connections. We’ll spare you the technical details, but if all goes as planned the new machine will result in fewer time-outs and somewhat faster page displays. Our other web sites, including our main site – Apologetics Index – benefit from this upgrade as well. Mind you, we’re thinking ahead and are already planning a further upgrade toward the end of the year. Along with the server upgrade our web host is also applying several

RNB problems

Greetings! After our host crashed its MySQL server, our site was down for 5 days. Currently we are trying to iron out some database errors that have resulted from the crash. You may encounter errors while searching for articles. We are working at a solution. Regards, The RNB Team

New and improved

An in-house news item: if you are a regular user of Religion News Blog (RNB), you may have noticed our slightly different design. Behind the scenes, there has been a big change, courtesy of the web programming skills of my brother, Ruud Hein. RNB now runs on a PHP/MySQL-based content management system. Advantages for us include ease of use, reduced bandwidth, and more customization options, while our guests benefit as well. For example: Pages are now served faster The search function has been greatly improved Related articles and research resources are easier to find. In addition, we now offer the

Craig Colgan reports, in the National Journal: Weblogs arrived in the late ’90s, thought up by savvy Net writers seeking to make better use of the Web’s capabilities. Bloggers never sought to emulate mainstream journalists; they defined their endeavor as a totally new venture. (…), consistently ranked among the top news destinations on the Web, is about to invest a chunk of important virtual real estate into the blog concept. has killed its discussion boards, with their 18 million posts per month, and instead plans to establish by the end of August what it will call “Weblog Central,”