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Two newer schools mirror Mountain Park

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Dec. 3, 2002 BY MATTHEW FRANCK ST. LOUIS – KRT NEWSFEATURES (KRT) – There’s fire in the eyes and passion in the souls of the true believers at a place called Thanks to Calvary. And when the director of the small but expanding teen reform school calls six of his best students to line up on the front porch, they practically have to fight each other for their turn to testify to a visitor. “I was a slave to sin,” says a young man who has been at the school for two years and plans to

Graduates are divided between survivors and supporters

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Nov. 21, 2002 By Matthew Franck, Post-Dispatch Nearly 20 years later, Cheryl Wright and Cindy Tindle Restivo remember the swats that never seemed to end, and with each stinging blow, the required reply of “Thank you, mama.” Linda Morrison Carlyle was spared the paddle in the early 1980s but saw the grapefruit-size bruises on her classmates’ legs and backs. Casie Compton’s duty seven years ago was to accompany a 13-year-old who was paddled regularly until she stopped crying for her mother. They are, by their accounts, alumni of the same nightmare. And they are haunted not

Reform schools find haven in Missouri

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Dec. 3, 2002 BY MATTHEW FRANCK ST. LOUIS – KRT NEWSFEATURES (KRT) – Teens are sent to religious reform schools in Missouri from all over the nation by the hundreds, but no one knows exactly how many. They are confined for months or years on at least a half-dozen remote, rural campuses, but no one knows the precise number of schools that dot the state’s woods and farmlands. The teens are plunged into a regimen of Bible discipline – where some say they are paddled daily for misbehavior, where several schools ban them from dialing a