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Unholy Devotion (transcript)

DANIEL STREET: Protesters on a mission outside a suburban Sydney school. Tempers have reached boiling point. RUSSELL BAILEY, REDEEMER BAPTIST CHURCH ELDER: Get off the property. I’ll ask you to leave, thank you. PROTESTER: I’m not on the property. See Also Unholy Devotion (Background to this story) DANIEL STREET: But across town, a heartfelt reunion of people on the same mission. These people are former members of the Redeemer Baptist Church and school in Parramatta. It’s the first time they’ve come together, not only to renew old friendships, but to show a united front of concern for their loved ones

Unholy devotion

The Redeemer Baptist story began in 1974, when around 30 families broke away from the Castle Hill Baptist Church in Sydney’s west, reaching out to local bikie groups, street kids, and others in need, offering live-in support and care. But the story today is about how that breakaway church turned abusive, leaving many of its members emotionally, spiritually and in some cases financially, destroyed. The Redeemer Church members live a commune-like lifestyle, located in a series of residential properties in the western Sydney suburb of Parramatta. Many of those who’ve now left say the church’s control extended to the splitting

Sydney church rejects cult claims

A western Sydney church has hit back at claims by some former members that it is a cult. A group that last year quit Parramatta’s Redeemer Baptist Church, some of whom were teachers at the church’s school, are now claiming $6 million in lost wages, the Nine Network reported. Grahame Glossop, an accountant and parent of a former student, told the network one teacher had been paid as little as $11,000-a-year while working at the school. The ex-members claim the church is a cult – allegations backed by Baptist Minister Reverend Tim Costello. “They’ve (former members) been hurt by what

Christian teachers to redeem wages

A group of teachers who quit a fundamentalist Christian school in North Parramatta en masse late last year is claiming $6 million in wages the teachers say are unpaid because they had received only small stipends for years of religious work. The nine teachers from the 470-student Redeemer Baptist School are part of a group of about 20 who left the Redeemer Baptist Church, which owns and controls the school. They are the latest in a long list of people who have fled the Redeemer church, which some former members claim is a sect because of the way it regulates