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Rama Behera, founder of the Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology, changed his name first to R.C. Samanta Roy and later to Avraham Cohen.

Alleged cult-related murder-for-hire list rattles small town

Rama Behera A small town in Wisconsin is rattled by a supposed hit list allegedly sent by someone associated with a secretive group SIST.

For 30-plus years the group has been led by a man once named Rama Behera, now called Dr. Avraham Cohen.

The group says it’s an educational non-profit, but over the years news reports, public records and former members have characterized it as a religious cult, a charge a lawyer for the group strongly denied.

Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology shrouds small town in bad publicity

Rama Behera The Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology this month became more than a curiosity when Shawano residents learned that a member of the group is suspected of putting together a written threat against 60 people in the community. A Canadian businessman who has financial dealings with the group provided the list and has turned police informant.

The threats implied that the group wanted people causing them problems “taken care of,” Shawano police Chief Ed Whealon said.

Shawano police have ‘person of interest’ in sect threats

RC Samanta Roy Members of a religious sect based in nearby Wescott generated a list of elected officials, residents and members of the media they wanted “taken care of,” authorities said Friday.

A Canadian citizen — a former business associate of the sect, Samanta Roy Institute for Science and Technology — contacted authorities on Oct. 30 with information about the threats and received the list from sect members on Nov. 3, Whealon said.

Newspaper’s series on Samanta Roy wins first place in national contest

Leader series on SIST wins first place in national contest A series of stories written by Tim Ryan of the Shawano Leader received a first place award from the Suburban Newspapers of America. Ryan’s series — “Sorting Fact, Fiction & Faith: An in-depth look at Dr. R.C. Samanta Roy,” received the top honor among all daily newspapers entering the “Best In-depth Reporting” category in the annual competition. Entries for newspapers under 25,000 and over 25,000 circulation were judged together in this category. The seven-day series, totaling 20 stories and more than 20,000 words, was published in October 2004. Ryan had

State denies claim over inspection, licensing of motel

A claim filed against the state by the R.C. Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology and one of its subsidiaries has been denied by the Wisconsin Attorney General’s Office, the Shawano Leader has learned. SIST, and its subsidiary Midwest Hotels and Motels of Shawano, LLC, filed a notice of claim in August against the State of Wisconsin, Department of Health and Family Services, over the way the department handled the inspection and licensing of the Best Western Village Haus. The claim and a draft copy of a civil suit that SIST apparently intended to file in U.S. District Court

A religious fortress in the woods?

Community and group tangle as it buys up Shawano properties Shawano – The declaration hung throughout the summer above a Shell station in this small northeast Wisconsin town: “NO WE DIDN’T.” Framed by gas rates and displayed on a bustling stretch of chain restaurants and other businesses, the message would seem cryptic to an outsider. The sign meant the gas station had not been sold to a group led by R.C. Samanta Roy, which has been gobbling up local businesses and properties in a campaign whose ultimate end, according to its tax records, is to provide funds for a Western-style

Midwest Hotels charged with operating without permits

In a case that sheds new light on a lawsuit lodged against the city, Midwest Hotels and Motels of Shawano, LLC, has been accused of operating the Best Western Village Haus without the necessary permits during the first several weeks that it allegedly owned the hotel. A criminal complaint filed in Shawano County Circuit Court on Tuesday names Kalmar G. Gronvall, as an agent for Midwest Hotels, as the defendant. It includes three counts against Gronvall as party to the crime of selling alcohol, operating a motel, and operating a restaurant without a permits. Gronvall has been summoned to appear

SIST files suit against city over liquor license

The Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology (SIST) and one of its subsidiaries have filed a civil suit in federal court against the city of Shawano and its legal counsel. The suit maintains that the city violated equal protection laws and interfered with property rights and business operations at the Best Western, which was purchased earlier this year by Midwest Hotels and Motels of Shawano, LLC. The suit also maintains that the city was motivated by racial discrimination against R.C. Samanta Roy, who is of East Indian descent. “The intent and effect of all of the acts of the

Judge dismisses lawsuits against news organizations

ST PAUL – A judge dismissed defamation lawsuits Friday against four news organizations that reported that the owners of an Anoka gas station were being investigated for selling gasoline below the state’s legal minimum price. U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson ruled that there was no evidence the media outlets acted improperly. In the lawsuits, filed in April, the Dr. R.C. Samantha Roy Institute and its subsidiary, Midwest Oil of Minnesota, contended that the reporting on the gas station was motivated by the racial and ethnic background of Roy, president of the institute. Roy is a former Hindu from India who