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Spiritual leader has crowd breathing easier

If there was peace to be found on the Peninsula Tuesday night, it was in the lilting voice of a tiny man in a creamy, flowing gown. “You are peace. You are peace,” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar whispered to the silent crowd of more than 600 people in CSU-Monterey Bay’s Student Center. Not to be confused with the prominent musician of the same name, Shankar is a spiritual leader and international humanitarian from Bangalore, India. He visited CSU-Monterey Bay as part of his North American tour that will continue on to Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Mexico City, New York and

Breathing lessons: Indian spiritual leader’s meditation world tour comes to Bay Area

Alameda Times-Star, May 6, 2003 By Jennifer Carnig – STAFF WRITER In India, he’s like a rock star, attracting tens of thousands wherever he goes. But this Ravi Shankar isn’t the sitar player who hung out with the Beatles. He’s a spiritual teacher. A guru who’s brought lessons of joy, peace and yoga to more than 2 million people in more than 140 countries. Performing the breathing exercises, called the Sudarshan Kriya, is like “taking a shower on the inside,” Ball says. “There’s a correlation between how you feel and how you breathe. Learning these techniques will lift your