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KSL TV, June 19, 2003 Jun. 19, 2003 The Rainbows are coming! In the next 2 weeks, some 20 thousand people are expected in Utah’s Uinta Mountains for a counter- culture event called the Rainbow Family’s annual gathering. These scenes are from the gathering 2- years ago in Central Idaho. And what’s billed as a celebration of peace and love always turns out to be a giant headache for government agencies. John Hollenhorst just returned from Central Idaho. John, are there any lessons for us in Idaho’s experience? Yes, it didn’t turn out too badly, even though it generated

Rainbow Reunion’s Size Raises Eyebrows

The Salt Lake Tribune, June 19, 2003 By Brent Israelsen, The Salt Lake Tribune     The Rainbow Family has settled on a location for its annual Fourth of July gathering to renew its commitment to peace, love, harmony and nature.    Hundreds of members of the 30-year-old, loosely organized clan of flower children, hippies and others of the countercultural persuasion already are assembling on approximately 4,000 acres of the north slope of the Uinta Mountains. Thousands more are expected to arrive in the next two weeks.     The U.S. Forest Service this week approved a “noncommercial group special-use permit” for

Rainbow Family begins gathering in Utah

AP, June 19, 2003 SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – With a carefully worded permit in hand, the Rainbow Family is looking forward to its first legal gathering in six years. “We’re going to do our very, very best to protect the resources of the area and work with state, county and local officials for health and safety,” said Garrick Beck, a longtime gathering participant. “We have moved the gathering into the legal arena and I think everybody should be congratulated for this,” he said. The group regularly runs afoul of the Forest Service’s permit rule for the gatherings because