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Rainbow Family: Hippie Group Founder Urges Suit vs. Feds

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — A founding member of a hippie movement called the Rainbow Family suggested Saturday that it launch a federal lawsuit against a growing crackdown on their annual gatherings. Barry Adams, known in the Rainbow Family as Barry Plunker, told a council circle at the first day of this year’s weeklong gathering at Routt National Forest that federal pressure has gone too far. Dozens of Forest Service officers, county deputies and Colorado State Patrol officers are manning checkpoints and patrolling camps as thousands of hippies flood the forest about 30 miles north of Steamboat Springs. Under federal

34 Years of Hippie Camps, Now in Tinder-Dry Woods

HAHNS PEAK, Colo., June 30 — As many as 8,000 hippie-tinged campers arrived here this week in Routt National Forest for the annual Rainbow Family gathering The event, which began in 1972, has become a national pilgrimage of the fringe, the flower empowered and the spiritually engaged. They expect their numbers to double through the holiday weekend. The forest around them is tinder dry and more stressed by disease, insects and drought than at any time in at least 120 years, fire experts say. That was when it burned to the ground. Just one narrow dirt road in and a

Rainbow Family faces fines but not eviction

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. — Thousands of campers flocking to a gathering of the Rainbow Family won’t face eviction from a meadow north of town but could face fines and jail time after the U.S. Forest Service denied them a permit, officials said Friday. The counterculture group originally didn’t apply for the permit, required of any gathering of more than 74 people, even though the event is expected to draw 20,000 people. When some members did apply this week, officials denied it, citing fire danger, limited road access and other planned events nearby. Rangers will warn campers as they arrive, give

Officials discourage Rainbow Family gathering

CLARK, Colo. — The natural splendor of this remote spot in the Routt National Forest is what drew thousands of Rainbow Family members to camp here, but its beauty is deceptive, a forest service official said Saturday. “It looks great, but it fools people,” said Kim Vogel, a U.S. Forest Service spokeswoman. “We’ve been in a drought long enough that our trees, live or dead, have a lot less moisture than they do normally.” A beetle infestation has killed trees and made matters worse, she said, and officials are planning to tighten fire restrictions this week. The high fire risk

Rainbow Family plans Colorado gathering

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — Routt County is bracing for 20,000 to 60,000 members of the “Rainbow Family” to converge on a site on national forest land for the group’s weeklong annual gathering in July. An advance party of about 150 people visited the area this weekend to look for a suitable site for the event, often described as a huge gathering of hippies. One of the advance party, who identified himself as Bodhi, said the group is looking at five potential locations. “We need a fresh water source, one main meadow that is 100 acres or larger and about

Christians, hippies bond in Katrina efforts

WAVELAND, Miss. — Days after Hurricane Katrina hit, they began cooking together in a grocery store parking lot : evangelical Christians from Texas and Rainbow Family flower children from all over. Soon they were serving 1,000 free meals a day at their cafe, housed in a domed tent. Side by side, this improbable alliance worked nonstop, helping the people of what was once a scenic beach town. Gradually, barriers melted. The evangelicals overlooked the hippies’ unusual attire, outlandish humor and persistent habit of hugging total strangers. The hippies nodded politely when the church people cited Scripture. The bonds formed at

Counterculture ‘Rainbow Family’ gathers in California forest to promote world peace

MODOC NATIONAL FOREST – Lucky Sunshine Day says he arrived at this year’s Rainbow Family Gathering “a moon cycle ago,” measuring time as he has for much of the 20 years of his life. As a child, he traveled to the Gatherings aboard a Rainbow bus with his parents, Flower and Two Rock – most participants give only their Rainbow names. This year, he hitched a ride to the event deep in the woods of northeastern California. “It’s about love, it’s about community, it’s about family,” he said. “We’re here to restore the Earth to its natural state.” This year’s

Rainbow family attracts all kinds

The Salt Lake Tribune, June 29, 2003 By Christopher Smart, The Salt Lake Tribune      NEAR LYMAN LAKE, Uinta Mountains — Think of Woodstock without the music.     Now think of Woodstock without the music, but with plenty of cold mud and swarms of mosquitoes.     Welcome home, brother and sister. Your Rainbow Family loves you.     Every summer for the past 32 years, people from across the nation have assembled in a forest somewhere to fill their spiritual cups — together. Neither the heat and flies of Michigan last summer nor the mud and mosquitoes of Utah’s

Utah Prepares for Rainbow People

KSL TV, June 19, 2003 John Hollenhorst Reporting A mass movement, towards Utah has begun. The so-called Rainbow Family, up to 20-thousand strong, is heading for its annual gathering, this year, in Utah’s Uinta Mountains. Rainbow hitchhikers are already en route to Utah for an event that sounds completely benign. Rainbow Hitchhiker: “Family reunion, family get-together. That’s all.” Rainbow Hitchhiker: “The point of the rainbow gathering is to pray for world peace.” Two years ago, the event was held in Central Idaho. Twenty thousand distinctly counter-cultural people suddenly showed up in the middle of the Boise National Forest and