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Scientology practices ‘putting people at risk’

Scientology slaves Dangerous dismissal of psychiatry and mental health problems must be part of a Senate inquiry into the Church of Scientology, a Melbourne cult-counsellor said yesterday

Cult Counselling Australia director Raphael Aron said Scientologists put vulnerable people at risk by taking them off psychiatric drugs and treatment, instead treating them with vitamins and E-meter readings.

Deadly Group Therapy in Berlin: Doctor Denounced as Charlatan

Garri R. A group session at a doctor’s house in northern Berlin left two men dead and another in a coma after their therapist gave them a dangerous cocktail of drugs.

The doctor was arrested on Sunday evening with two counts of assault leading to death and six counts of dangerous assault, the police announced on Monday.

The doctor, Garik “Garri” R., is reported to have been born in Uzbekistan. He is a registered doctor with insurance companies and is accredited to work as a psychotherapist.

The suspect is an adherent of the controversial Swiss psychiatrist Samuel Widmer, who promotes the use of drugs in therapy.

Widmer lives with two women and has 11 children by them. In an interview on his own Web site, he criticized the taboo surrounding incest.

John Travolta admits son suffered from autism, a medial condition not accepted by Scientology cult

Scientology While giving testimony in an extortion trial, John Travolta acknowledged publicly for the first time that his late son had suffered from autism.

The admission puts Travolta at odds with the Church of Scientology in which he is a leading figure. The cult, which among other things practices quackery, does not acknowledge autism as a real affliction.

New French law blocks Scientology dissolution

Scientology A new French law means the Church of Scientology cannot be dissolved in France even if it is convicted of fraud, it has emerged during a trial of the organisation.

A prosecutor has recommended that a Paris court dissolve the church’s French branch, which has been charged with fraud after complaints by former members who say they gave huge sums to the church for spiritual classes and “purification packs.”

Dying Jehovah’s Witness granted right to refuse dialysis treatment

Jehovah's Witnesses A dying Jehovah’s Witness has been granted the right to refuse life-saving medical treatment on the grounds of his religious beliefs.

Mr A’s guardians produced two Jehovah’s Witness “worksheets” indicating his attitude to various forms of medical treatment. Justice Robert McDougall found Mr A’s directives should be followed “even if the likely consequence of giving effect to Mr A’s wishes … is that he will die”.

St. Petersburg Times exposes Scientology to daylight

Scientology Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, the highest-ranking executives to leave the Church of Scientology, are speaking out for the first time.

Two other former executives who defected also agreed to interviews with the St. Petersburg Times: De Vocht, who for years oversaw the church’s spiritual headquarters in Clearwater, and Amy Scobee, who helped create Scientology’s celebrity network, which caters to the likes of John Travolta and Tom Cruise.

One by one, the four defectors walked away from the only life they knew. That Rathbun and Rinder are speaking out is a stunning reversal because they were among Miscavige’s closest associates, Haldeman and Ehrlichman to his Nixon.

Man sees subtle victory in fight against Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower Bible and Tract Society The father of a girl who died after refusing blood transfusions, on the basis of un-biblical teachings by the Jehovah’s Witnesses — continues to battle the cult in court.

Some legal scholars observing the case see what could be worrying setbacks for this legally aggressive sect accustomed to mobilizing the courts to block members from receiving life-saving transfusions