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Does God want you to be rich?

Editor’s note: The following is a summary of this week’s Time magazine cover story. ( — In three of the Gospels, Jesus warns that each of his disciples may have to “deny himself” and even “take up his Cross.” In support of this prediction, he contrasts the fleeting pleasures of today with the promise of eternity: “For what profit is it to a man,” he asks, “if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” Generations of churchgoers have understood that being Christian means being ready to sacrifice. But for a growing number of Christians, the question is

Black Baptists eschew ‘prosperity preaching’

Thirty-five thousand Baptists are visiting Dallas this week. They represent the nation’s largest African-American organization, the National Baptist Convention. But while reviving their spirits, they are also taking on the thorny issue of preachers who claim that God wants His followers to be rich. It’s called “prosperity preaching,” but is it something Jesus would do? New York televangelist Creflo Dollar is famous for his fleet of luxury Rolls Royce automobiles. “When you understand what you have a right to, you won’t tolerate being broke, in debt, living in shortage,” Dollar recently told his TV audience. It’s a philosophy that doesn’t