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Cargo Cult Clash

Supporters of a cargo cult uprising in a remote area of Madang clashed with police and Correctional Service officers who went to flush them out. Inspector Jim Namora, one of the leaders of the joint police/CIS operation code-named Black Rose aimed at halting the uprising, said his men were met with strong resistance by warriors of the cult movement led by Steven Tari who is revered by his followers as Black Jesus. Mr Namora said eight officers under his command were met by warriors of the cult armed with spears, bushknives, guns and other weapons. We were walking up a

Sex cult clash leaves

The National (Papua New Guinea), July 21, 2003 By JAMES APA GUMUNO People in the Upper Lai area of the Enga province attacked and killed 17 people last week for allegedly being involved with a new sect movement that was promoting forced sex with young girls in the area.The Upper Lai area is in the Wabag district of the province. The Enga provincial government’s media unit reported that the sect movement had been operating in the area for a while and people were aware of it. Its members are mostly young men, who gather on a mountain called Mt