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This group is also known as the “Center of Light.”

Order of Christ Sophia ignites controversy In Massachusetts

Order of Christ Sophia A small religious group that is gaining members across the country wants to expand in Massachusetts, but the planned expansion is not without controversy.

The Center of Light, a group that some call a destructive cult, is trying to buy a mansion in the town of Quincy.

Cult expert Steve Hassan explains why he is concerned about the group, which is also known as the Order of Christ Sophia.

Families: Religious Group Uses Cult-Like Methods

Parents Say Group Turns Family Members Into Strangers BOSTON — A religious group with roots in Needham, Mass., is raising concern among some families who believe the order uses cult-like methods. Over the last few months, NewsCenter 5 has heard from a number of former members and families of members who say the Order of Christ Sophia strips people of their past and turns them into strangers. NewsCenter 5’s Liz Brunner reported that the order is small but has centers in nine cities. They call themselves a mystical Christian order, devoted to meditation and prayer. But former member Nancy Wainer