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Chinese embrace occult over science in SARS fight

AP, May 13, 2003 By AUDRA ANG, Associated Press BEIJING (AP) – Hiring sorcerers. Lighting firecrackers. Following advice reputed to be from a mystical talking baby. While China’s government promotes science, thousands of its people are turning to the supernatural to fight SARS. The resort to tradition has prompted efforts by China’s state press and the officially atheist communist government to discourage it. But multiple reports of what Chinese leaders consider dangerous superstition in widely scattered areas illustrate the scale of fear of a disease the Health Ministry said Tuesday has killed at least 262 people on China’s mainland.

Occult link investigated in slaying, organ theft

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Apr. 5, 2003 By Thomas J. Gibbons Jr., Inquirer Staff Writer It was a death so bizarre that veteran city Homicide Division detectives, some with more than 30 years’ experience, couldn’t remember a similar case. The body of Willie J. “Pete” Kent, a 60-year-old street person, was found Feb. 28 inside an abandoned rowhouse in North Philadelphia. His neck, which had a rope around it, bore vicious slice wounds. His torso had been nonsurgically cut open, and his heart, liver, one of his kidneys, and the top of his esophagus had been removed. Whether Kent was

Murder trial lays bare Malay royals’ intrigue, and a belief in black magic

Witch doctors prosper despite Islamic orthodoxy and modern education South China Morning Post, Feb. 19, 2003 BARADAN KUPPUSAMY in Kuala Lumpur The trial of five men for the murder of a Malaysian princess is providing the public a window on royal intrigues and the use of black magic to defeat rivals in business, politics and affairs of the heart.For 25-year-old Princess Leza, the magic failed. A supposedly powerful amulet that she wore did not stop her abduction and murder. The trial of the five accused has heard that Leza and another princess, both of them married to a prince

Making paranormal less normal

Conference seeks to counter culture’s calm on the occult The Dallas Morning News, Feb. 15, 2003 By KRISTEN HOLLAND / The Dallas Morning News Anybody who checks the TV listings regularly knows it’s not hard to find a show with spiritual or supernatural themes. Film fans often find similar fare in the movie listings. Stations ranging from Fox to Nickelodeon air shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the perennial Nick at Nite favorite Bewitched. And feature-length films like Signs and The Lord of the Rings have become blockbusters. With so many choices, evangelical

Spiritualists report more receptive to their teachings

Post-Tribune, Oct. 21, 2002 By Michael Gonzalez / Post-Tribune correspondent GARY — Spiritualists’ beliefs are often ridiculed and outright rejected by traditional religions, even though the people who hold those beliefs are doctors and teachers, mill workers and lawyers and workers of every other profession. And interest in their beliefs is growing. Dozens of visitors signed up for psychic readings and spiritual guidance at the 31st annual Dinner and Psychic Demonstration for the First Spiritualist Church. One of those interested in going beyond traditional beliefs was Eugene Williams, a lifelong Baptist. “The power of God works in more than

Jakarta leaders turn to supernatural forces

More and more Indonesians and their leaders are guided by the spirit world in the current economic crisis, a practice that predates Islam The Straits Times (Singapore), Aug. 28, 2002 By Devi Asmarani JAKARTA – Women use it to entice the opposite sex, celebrities often resort to it to boost popularity and politicians turn to it to further their careers – the supernatural. They are all clients of Indonesian psychics, practitioners of the occult and others with knowledge of the supernatural – all enjoying booming business despite the economic crisis. In fact, with the current crisis, more people are

Cocktails and predictions: Tarot cards add zing to the corporate party

Naples Daily News, July 28, 2002 Sunday, July 28, 2002 By MARIEE PILKINGTON, Columbia News Service NEW YORK — At this year’s corporate party, Angelica Taranto, a secretary at Cravath, Swaine and Moore, made sure she got to the Rainbow Room early to beat the line. She knew from last year’s get-together at the swank penthouse restaurant in midtown Manhattan that there would be a crowd — all for the tarot card reader. No longer the province of boardwalks and carnival booths, tarot card readers are popping up in the most unlikely places, among the gray suits and wine

Headmaster flees as hysteria grips school

The Daily News (Zimbabwe), July 30, 2002 7/30/02 9:01:43 AM (GMT +2) Staff Reporter THE headmaster of St Mark’s Secondary School in Mhondoro has fled the school following accusations by parents that he possesses goblins which have sexually harassed female students and teachers. Last Wednesday, the school was closed over the allegations which have sent shock-waves throughout the rural community. Angry parents were on Tuesday collecting their children from the school, demanding to see the headmaster, who was understood to have fled the school. Reporters arriving at the school heard female students and teachers complain of sexual harassment and