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‘Psychic’ parakeet picks Netherlands as World Cup winners

A ‘psychic’ Singapore parakeet which correctly predicted all four winners in the World Cup quarter-finals has picked the Netherlands to trump Spain for the championship, local media said Friday.

Local media reports said Mani used its beak to pick a card bearing the flag of the Netherlands over one with Spain’s national colours.

May it be so, said the Amsterdam-based publishers of Religion News Blog.

Amsterdam escapes terrorist attack

Amsterdam bomb threats against several stores in south-east Amsterdam today were of a terroristic nature, police has announced.

7 people of Dutch nationality with a Moroccan background have been arrested for questioning.

Several of the people arrested have previously been involved in violent crimes. One of those arrested has a relationship with a person who was involved in the 2004 Madrid train bombing — which was carried out by Islamic terrorists.

From the left, a call to end the current Dutch notion of tolerance

Netherlands At last an official message to Muslim immigrants: if you want to live here, you must integrate.

If judged on the standard scale of caution in dealing with cultural clashes and Muslims’ obligations to their new homes in Europe, the language of the Dutch position paper and Lilianne Ploumen, Labor’s chairperson, was exceptional.

The paper said: “The mistake we can never repeat is stifling criticism of cultures and religions for reasons of tolerance.”

Government and politicians had too long failed to acknowledge the feelings of “loss and estrangement” felt by Dutch society facing parallel communities that disregard its language, laws and customs.