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Pastor denies allegations of brainwashing

Andrew Paton A pastor who was the focus of a TV report which investigated allegations he brainwashed women into leaving their husbands and devoting their lives to his church has denied several claims made by the program.

Andrew Paton said the report contains “false accusations that have been made against myself and the church.” He said these accusations have been made about him since last summer and that they’re related to a lawsuit he wouldn’t discuss.

Deliverance Ministry at Mount Zion Full Gospel Ministries: Choosing God over family

Andrew Paton Jim Sanderson and his three grown children, Lisa, Laura and Glen, believe the pastor of the Mount Zion Full Gospel Ministries, Andrew Paton, brainwashed Alice Sanderson with a radical brand of theology and influenced her to leave her family and the home she had known for three decades.

W-FIVE discovered Paton has been married and divorced five times. In at least three of those marriages, Paton’s wives alleged that he was adulterous.