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Welfare check conducted at jail cult leader’s compound; follower starving herself

Wayne Bent On Monday, deputies visited the Strong City Cult compound in Northeastern New Mexico to check-up on a young woman who’s been starving herself since Wayne Bent was sent to prison, according to Bent’s son.

The cult leader was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison for touching a naked underage follower.

Before he entered prison Ben vowed to starve himself to death if and when jailed.

Cult leader Wayne Bent ends ‘religious fast’

Wayne Bent Just a few days into his 10-year prison sentence, cult leader (‘son of God’ and false prophet) Wayne Bent has ended his hunger strike — now referring to it as a ‘religious fast.’

Throughout his trial, the 67-year-old sect leader repeatedly said he would refuse to eat if he was sent to prison:

“If I go to jail again, I am not going to live there. I will not,” he told the court.

Cult leader Wayne Bent to be sentenced Tuesday

Wayne Bent Cult leader Wayne Bent, convicted on sex abuse charges, will be sentenced tomorrow.

The self-proclaimed Messiah could be sentenced to up to 18 years behind bars.

He has said that he probably would not eat if he were locked up.

Son Jeff Bent said he believed it was the “end of the road for the world” because of his father’s conviction.

He has refused to say what would happen to the sect if his father were imprisoned.

Convicted cult leader Wayne Bent calls himself ‘Son of God’ in statement

Wayne Bent On his website, Bent continues to claim he was crucified and falsely convicted like Christ.

“The jury was a very good picture of the world and by convicting the Son of God for a crime that he did not commit, as they did with Jesus Christ, they have convicted themselves,” Bent said in the statement.

He will be sentenced later this month.

Son Says Apocalyptic Sect Leader Won’t Live Long in Prison

Wayne Bent The leader of an apocalyptic sect convicted of sexual misconduct with young female followers isn’t hoping for a break when he’s sentenced and likely wouldn’t live long in prison, his son says.

Jeff Bent said he believed it was the “end of the road for the world” because of his father’s conviction.

He sidestepped questions about whether the 45 or so church members would fast if Wayne Bent did while he was in prison. Church members had indicated last week that they would.

Cult leader says he would do it again

Wayne Bent Wayne Bent insists that he did nothing wrong by lying naked with two teenage girls, and that it’s common for him to kiss and embrace any member of his group.

Surrounded by his followers, Wayne Bent waited outside a Taos, New Mexico Courthouse on Friday.

News 13’s Mike Paluska asked Bent if he’d do it again. At first, Bent and his followers chuckled at the question and he refused to give an answer. However, he’d later respond.

Jurors in Wayne Bent case sent home for the weekend

Wayne Bent Jurors weighing criminal sexual contact charges against the leader of an apocalyptic New Mexico sect deliberated for more than five hours today without reaching a verdict.

Wayne Bent, 67, is accused of illicit sexual contact with 14- and 16-year old female followers.

Prosecutor Emilio Chavez told jurors in closing arguments that the case is “not about religion” and that Bent – who says the touching was a form of spiritual healing – must be treated like anyone else.

Cult leader Wayne Bent’s case goes to jury

Wayne Bent The fate of the leader of a Union County religious sect accused of sexually molesting two girls was put in the hands of a Taos County jury Friday morning.

Wayne Bent, the leader of The Lord Our Righteousness Church and a self proclaimed Messiah, is charged with kissing and touching two sisters who lay naked with him.

If convicted of the two counts of sexual contact with minors, Bent could face up to 33 years in prison.