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Rabbi says Messianic Jews are Christians in disguise

Rabbi Tovia Singer of New York will speak in Toledo on the topic: “Jesus Was a Jew – But Can a Jew Be for Jesus?” There’s only one acceptable answer to that question, according to the rabbi: an emphatic “No!” Rabbi Singer seeks to discredit groups such as Jews for Jesus and Messianic Jews, contending that they deceive people by hiding Christian beliefs behind Jewish terms and symbols. There is one Messianic Jewish synagogue in Toledo, Adat Adonai, whose slogan is, “A Messianic Jewish expression of the Church.” The congregation meets at Cathedral of Praise’s former facility on Alexis Road

Controversial Jewish sect professes faith in Jesus

MELBOURNE – There is no cross at Kol Mashiach Synagogue. “People think they’ll come in here, and suddenly we’ll produce one from the back room,” said Messianic Rabbi Alan Levine, the spiritual leader of the Melbourne congregation. “We won’t. We don’t have one.” A cross, of course, is an enduring symbol of Christianity and belief in the life and death of Jesus. You’ll see one at virtually every Christian church around the world, but not at Kol Mashiach, which is in a secular-looking building on Lake Washington Road. “We’re a synagogue, not a church,” Levine said. “Don’t call us a

Just like Chabad

‘Call us and get a free videotape! You can enjoy the movie Jesus for free in Hebrew or in Russian. The movie is based on historical facts and some of the actors are Israeli. Call today!” a This is just one of many flyers that Faina, who lives in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Kiryat Yovel, finds in her mail almost every day. There are also other tempting offers – “Get a free Bible,” “A free tour in Jerusalem – just for you!,” “Have questions about faith? We can answer them!” The flyers, always in Russian and sometimes in Hebrew as

Finding Jesus in a traditionally Jewish celebration

Jesus is the candle in the middle. This according to Messianic Jew Francis McGehee who says she is a Jew who believes in Yeshua, also known as Jesus. McGehee is a Christian and a Jew. She celebrates Hanukkah and not Christmas, keeps a kosher kitchen and studies the Torah. Four great Menorahs stood at the temple in Jerusalem, McGehee said. The wicks for the lights were made of the discarded underclothes of priests, as were the swaddling cloths of babies. “They are the lights of the world,” McGehee said. “Jesus stood there and said, ‘I am the light of the

Jews follow Jesus between worlds

‘He Is The Messiah’, Nov. 30, 2002 By Jacinthia Jones They are avoided by most Jews and misunderstood by many Christians. Though they share beliefs with both faiths, they don’t belong to either. They are Messianic Jews – Jews who believe Jesus is the Messiah. Twenty years after Memphis’s first Messianic congregation moved from a private home into a converted bungalow in East Memphis, B’rit Hadasha Messianic Jewish Synagogue is still a bit of a mystery to most. “A lot of times we feel isolated, like we’re between two worlds,” says Rabbi Gary Shansky. “Christians are hungry to