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Mauritian Authorities Probing 10 Cyanide-Related Deaths

Excerpt from report by Mauritius newspaper L’Express web site on 31 August Two medallions inscribed with the initials EK were found on the corpses of Crithika Mawooa and Rajesh Dhayam. These clues have made investigators assume the Eckankar sect could be behind the death of ten people in Bechard Lane, St-Paul. The Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) on its part, yesterday confirmed that the cause of death of the victims was due to cyanide poisoning. The Saturday edition of the Express also mentioned this. Investigators have begun to seek more details on the workings and rituals of the

St-Paul Massacre: First indications point to an international sect

Friday afternoon: the police go to the Mawooas’ home in St Paul to look for Rajesh Dhayam. A few minutes later, they break their way into the locked house where they find ten bodies. The enquiry points to links with an international sect. After being taken out of the house, the ten bodies were subject to autopsy. Cyanide was found in all of them. Note Some foreign-language reports indicate that police found medallions engraved with the letters ‘EK’ on two of the bodies, leading police to speculate that there may be a connection to the movement known as ‘Eckankar.’ The